Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Army of Good

Collared tops
And polished boots
A  clink of armor
A short salute
All gathered together
Waiting in rows
To get into battle and defeat the foe.

No tears come down
By those who are dear
Lest there tear drops
Awaken their fears
All standing tall and brave
Fighting for their land
Which they call their home.

They are not alone
There are many like them
Who fight battles outside and within
Fight for themselves and others
For sisters and brothers
For women
For men
For children
For old
For white
For black
For money
For gold

They stand and squat,ready and wait
To protect all those
Who fight in their homeland and state
Cold, wind ,snow and heat
They wait and fight
And each hopes the other retreats
Retreat soon
Retreat soon
Let this end soon
They pray to the sun
They pray to the moon.

They pray the  powerful
To talk of peace
Peace of mind
Peace of thought
Peace to the people
Peace can’t be bought!

Not that they fear the silver bullet
They will embrace it to protect their land
But they fear for the people
The fear for the future on hand.

How long can they protect all?
Great armies cannot hurt as much as
Men hurt men through words
I t hurts more
Great armies cannot defeat as much as
Men try to defeat men through action
Great armies cannot kill, as much as
Men kill mans spirit through attitude
Great armies cannot spend,as much as
Men spend on useless time and things
On guns and wings

Great armies fight for the Truth
Truth does conqueror all
Once conquered
Who needs armies?
Who needs tears?
Who needs fears
Let there be Peace for one and all.


  1. Great thoughts. Tghe men deserve the compliments but the women behind them deserve the strength
    Keith Phillips

  2. Thank You Jingle Poetry for such encouraging comments-Thank You!

  3. Well written piece. Coffee sounds good 'bout now. :)