Sunday, July 31, 2016

Return of the Jedi!!

Hello is there anybody out there? ( Pink Floyd- please correct me friends). Those who are still reading. It has been an very hectic and complicated year for me. Sitting atop 8000ft alt. Where connectivity depends on the amount of clouds and rain causing havoc. I have been out of it. BUT I am back and life is beautiful!! Being dependent on nature I realize how small and insignificant we all are in this world, and that life is an experience which you must cherish at each second. Just watch a butterfly flit and  in seconds you will see beauty in all its simplicity.

Hope you all are well. Hope to be interacting with you ( if any still n )

bye and may the 'Force' be with you!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Connect - Disconnect

My dear friends, my readers, has it ever happened that in the usual humdrum of life you suddenly just disconnect and see yourself in a vacuum, as if from outside in? In that moment, you just get a perspective on your own life and situation at times. In these last three months, I too took an outside in view of my life and priorities. I disconnected from the internet to connect back to it in a refocused manner. This can happen when one faces an event which moves them. Well, for me it was the loss of my grandmother whom I really loved. I was not able to meet her due to certain factors for many years, and when I did meet her with my whole family, she was really happy and said that ‘I am so glad you came with your husband and child’. She was admitted to the hospital a week after I left and passed away silently in her sleep. In her last few hours, she spent in singing all the songs she knew from nursery rhymes to patriotic songs, before she fell asleep, she took my sons name and said repeatedly how overjoyed she was that she had met him, and closed her eyes to this world.

The poem below is not about my grandmother, it is about introspection and prioritizing.

Connect -Disconnect
Power on-


In silence,

All work done,

I wait in the stillness, with fast music behind,

dogs barking,

and the child giggling away near the TV,

and the fan above swishing ,the lap top humming,

Some thing to inspire me?  Memories?

Cursor ask questions flashing  I  I  I  I   I  I   

I am ready,

Sitting, looking at my own paintings on the walls, with mistakes which only I can see,

The sofa and the silk cushions,

The flowers still fresh in their crystal vases,

The pretty red carpet and the bamboo lampshade hangs on, sitting in one part of the room like me,

I complete the picture, a decorative peace which fits in all around the house,

I am ready,

Who’s bell is that? No, not mine.

Who’s car is that? No, not for me.

My phone on my side with 150 contact numbers,300 facebook ‘ likes’

But no one to talk to or to listen!

‘This phone number does not exist'

The caller is busy , please stay on line’

 ‘All lines are busy at the moment, please call later’

‘Server down’

Oh well, that’s enough conversation for today!

I am ready.

Ready in silence. I  I  I  I   I  I   






Blank  Screen.





 I hope you liked the poem, do let me know.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

One & Same

My dear friends, my readers. How have you been? A whole year has gone and a new one has started. Well, life goes on, people come into this world, and some leave, oh, so suddenly. The year ends with  celebration and also starts with it. There have been many who have had success and many innocents who have lost lives, and continue to do so. Why this conflict, why such pain we cause for each other? Does not our heart beat the same, the breath we take is the same, our mind is composed of the same emotions? We ALL feel happy ,sad, and frightened. We ALL lose hope, gain faith and conviction? We are in this together and together we must encourage change for the better. We need to think what a world are we leaving for our children?

Thus , today I post a poem, pondering about our existence and how we may be doing different things and live in different parts of the world, but we are ALL fundamentally the same. Many have done research, written books and poetry to ultimately come to the conclusion that we all are the same!

So, as I brew myself lotsa lovely coffee, and have some serious thoughts.Do enjoy this poem of mine.

One & Same

Ten fingers and ten toes,

Two eyes ,two ears,

And one nose.

In all the poetry and in all the prose,

Who are we?

No one knows?
No one Know!

Over oceans,

Over mountains,

Inside earth,

And outer space,

Whose are these hands?

These animals?

These clothes?

These wings?

Who is this face?

Our own story we try to trace,

Did we come form monkeys, earth or out of space?

Dig this place, dig that place!
Talk and talk, debate, debate!

Who are we?

Who were we?

Use psychology,




Economics and


Who are we? Who are we?

A thousands of years of existence ,

And still we ask ,who are we?

Isn’t it very plain to see?

Two arms,

Two feet,

One heart that beats,

One brain,

And thirty two white teeth!

All same,

All same!

For Heavens sake!

And in your Gods name!

We are all , all same!

In all wars,

In all chains,

In all busses,

In all trains,

We are one,

We are same,

Let us throw away, our selfish claims!
Raise hands,

And proudly proclaim, to me, you and He( or she)

We are ONE,

We are the SAME.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

All Things Bright and Beautiful!

Hello dear friends, it’s the season to be jolly and thankful, with Thanks Giving , Christmas and the New Years. A final culmination of the whole year’s festivities. We should really be thankful for the food we eat, thankful for the world so sweet and thankful to God for everything. And so aptly starts, from Dec 1-Dec 12 in Lima, Peru, a conference on Climate Change UNFCCC. Climate change is the flavor of next year 2015 !  See:
It is all about our world and the environment, so important for the survival of the human race , we have to make a conscious effort for a change. We have to leave a beautiful world for our children, so the time is now. So, what started as a small story to tell my child about conservation and environment, without the computer graphics, I actually started constructing a story and then there was no stopping me.
I wrote a play on conservation, the environment and of course nature, and women as the conservers of nature personified in the heroine, I call Ariyana (not Ariana Grande, name is taken from the settlers which came to India and lived in the forest-the Aryans). I have uploaded on Amazon in the form of an e-book called: Ariyana- The Secrets in the Forest. It is available for a free download as well as my other e-books from  28 to 30 Dec 2014 at:
Gender Day at the conference is on Dec 9  See: unfccc
You can also see my page MyRandom Bks for more about the story, Cast of Characters , a pictorial representation of the Heroine Ariyana and a Map of territories, on this blog.
 It is a play for  the youth to act and put up to spread the word of conservation through drama hopefully in an open air, live theatre, which will attract the younger children  towards Nature, Conservation and Recycling, and all the problems without heavy philosophy, and boring monologues. I feel it is no use telling adults, we have to show the children in their own world and without computer graphics.
So friends do have a read, download and review. DO let me know what you think, I am open for all criticism -good and bad!
So Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to you & your families!
Here is a lovely hymn by Cecil Alexander: All Things Bright and Beautiful
The hymn was first published in 1848 in Mrs. Cecil Alexander's Hymns for Little Children. It consists of a series of stanzas that elaborate upon verses of the Apostles' Creed ( Wikipedia)
There is a beautiful version with music do have a look:
Alexander's text reads:
All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

Each little flower that opens,
Each little bird that sings,
He made their glowing colours,
He made their tiny wings.

All things bright ...

The rich man in his castle,
The poor man at his gate,
God made them high and lowly,
And ordered their estate.

All things bright ...

The purple headed mountain,
The river running by,
The sunset and the morning,
That brightens up the sky;−

All things bright ...

The cold wind in the winter,
The pleasant summer sun,
The ripe fruits in the garden,−
He made them every one:

All things bright ...

The tall trees in the greenwood,
The meadows where we play,
The rushes by the water,
We gather every day;−

All things bright ...

He gave us eyes to see them,
And lips that we might tell,
How great is God Almighty,
Who has made all things well.

All things bright ...

‘Due to the third verse's endorsement of the class system, many later versions and performances of the hymn omit it. The United Church of Canada includes a fourth verse, which seems particularly appropriate to Canadian geography: "The rocky mountain splendour, / the lone wolf's haunting call, / the great lakes and the prairies, / the forest in the fall.’ (Wikipedia)


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Butt Seriously?

Hello friends, you know Kim and her Butt are coming to India for a TV show, or so I hear? She wishes to wear a Sari? Sorry? What for when she has nothing left to show for imagination? This is the best place to show off your ‘butt selfie’ Kim! 
Welcome Kim! Indian women have the best and some of the biggest backsides you can imagine! ( Wrapped up and secure under family copyright laws) Just walk in to the Big Butt…sorry Bigg Boss house just like that, than we will see the bum… sorry the fun!  Am sure a lot of cameras will be ‘behind’ her for all her promos! And perhaps after her ‘public commitments’ she could take up another cause as she has done in the past somewhere else, for all the poor and destitute women in India who have no place to ‘go ‘ to but outside with their backsides in full public view. It will be an opportunity for ‘booty with a purpose’,I am sure all the media moguls  will also Digg it? How about a show ‘ Keeping Kim with the Poor Desi-ians’? ( ‘Desi’- Indian word for people of the country)

But I often wonder, why is the inter net so voyeuristic? There is also ‘sexism’ on the net. Yes it is  more and more a visual medium now, but are there really so many people, men and women, who like to watch the over load of busts, back sides and male torso’s? I doubt it? (Really, there are?). Here is a thought- women have to expose more in the media than the men. A female TV anchor for example is scrutinized more for her hair, make-up ,earrings, choice of clothes than her male counterpart who can just wear a ‘grey suit and tie’ everyday! Want proof? Read this link-

Take a look at the ‘successful slobs’ that we have in the world today. Mark Zuckerberg, President Barrack Obama! They wear the same combination of clothes to work ! Thank you very much you guys for undoing all the work (nagging) we women do to make our men wear some descent clothes! Well it means two things; one their wives have given up (than God help the not so privileged ones), or two, men are born to be slobs. Just ask any man to change into clean, attractive clothes and he will cringe and make a million excuses. Yes, I know, men have to take ‘important decisions’, men are more ‘practical’, more ‘logical’, not ‘high maintenance,’ etc. Is it so stressful to pick out a nice looking shirt, than yesterday’s ‘white with stripes’? It takes only a minute. And so, is it fair to say that the wives of these very successful men and also others do not make important decisions the whole day, that they have time enough to dress in great clothes? You know -silly decisions about what to do with children, the finance, the husbands company AND his home office, his relatives, friends and followers, their own jobs, etc?

Anyways, Kim dear beautiful lady, do drop by in India-guess what is trendy in India- celebrities sweeping and cleaning garbage, and adopting a village, dear-are you up for it? Do drop by, show us a bit of ‘you know what’ but I warn you! You will have tough competition! Coz u know how that song goes ‘ I ‘m all about the bass, the bass, no treble’. by Meghan Trainor.

So here is a fun poem to read with lotsa coffee! Haven’t posted a fun one for some time! It’s a dialogue between a husband and a wife. Enjoy!

The Color Code
Hurry up darling we have dinner to go to!
Just a moment, I need to choose from my six different shoes!
Six different shoes?
Yes, six different shoes! Am wearing that new cocktail dress,
Oh God such stress!
What goes with midnight blue?
Ummm…Blue goes with white and white goes with blue!
Blue on white,  and white on blue?
Honey, isn’t that like the shirt you were wearing yesterday?
And, oh no, you are doing so today too!
Really? Same colors, I haven’t a clue?
Wear some red, some green, violet or pink?
Why don’t you pick your shoes, we are getting late don’t you think?
I am a man not a pansy or a young dandy on a date!
Come on sweety, don’t make the hostess wait!
Google for the male peacock, the bower bird and the male puffin?
Even the crazy turkey goes around struttin!
Darling, I’ m like the zebra, the fish, the chameleon, I like to blend in!
What’s the point of this prancing and preening?
I know I am married a rough pirate, a cowboy my dear,
But once in a while, wear some colors with no fear?
Just listen here dear, and this is how it goes;
 I got you for my cars, the earrings and them fancy clothes,
Coz once I start dressing all your girlfriends will come in troves!
Then don’t crib and shout and get your mind furiously blown!
So, you dress to impress on my arm, who cares what I have worn?
 Come on quickly, pick out your shoes that go with your dress,
Cause with you shiny and colored I can show off my success!


Question does an Anaconda have a bum?
Answer:Ask Nicki Minaj

check out the lyrics maybe the answer is there:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

What Do the Stars Say?

Hello my friends, my readers! My country India has put an Orbiter to Mars called the Mangalyaan- YAY! We have reached so far using technology, yet we all are still following the stars from earth and celebrating our festivals, fasting, shopping, praying. Where does science and cultural beliefs, start and end? OR do they merge more and more now? In India, before we get married to anyone,we are cautious about the presence of the planet Mars in the birth chart-well what happens now?  Well here is in your face all Mars Haters! Countries are spending millions to get there so ‘show some respect Mon’ like they say in the West Indies! How much do we believe the horoscopes in this internet age, or do we carve our own destiny? I think, we all, may not be able to stop the turning of Mars or Saturn but we sure can make, create and change our destiny to an extent, thanks to the million miles between the planets and us ,our creator is giving us a chance! So Good Luck to you all! And like they say in Star Wars ‘May the Force be With You’.!
Here is a poem and keep stirring that Coffee!

What do the Stars Say?

To believe or not believe
that is the question.
The moment we come to life,that moment destiny turns,
The planets millions of miles away,
Follow us in their gaze,
Should we believe what they tell us,
or should we find our own ways?

Do the stars guide our life?
Do they define our deeds done
Or should we follow our ,hearts mind or soul,
Or the many planet positions?

The predictors tell you, the past present and future,
But ‘Free Will’,will get in the way,
We get in out lives what we Will,
And the planets keep turning away.

In them does the future lies?
Should we heed what the predictor advise,
or our own?

On our own,
We have to plant the seed sown,
Cut the weeds which have grown,
Pour water and trim hedges,
And make the garden beautiful,

The sun will shine as it should,
Bees will buzz and birds tweet,
Then rain,clouds,snow or sleet,
Go on in their lives,
Each moment unique,
Each moment alive,
Each moment unique,
Each moment our own,
Our own to seek. This has a great video of water on Mars-do see.

My friends do check out my Tumblr blog I have just started on the link I have given on the right top of this page. It has a collection of pictures and information from some great blogs you may enjoy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nature's Wave

My dear friends, my readers, I hope the football fever we all had, has now worn off? Well we cannot stop talking about it can we? It is as if we want all the problems in Iraq, Israel/Gaza Strip, Ukraine,the droughts and now the floods to go away and to hide behind football! Well they don’t! I wonder if the floods and droughts are a signal from nature/God( or who ever/ what ever you believe in) to wake us up to real problems, we our own wonderful selves have created!

Today I post a poem which I wrote a very long time ago when India had been hit by a giant Tsunami causing destruction and death in the south of India.  It’s written like the poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.You can have a look at my favourite Wikipedia : for the background and meaning of the poem, for the poem in its pure form is on, this is a great page with some poems of Emily Dickinson as well: 'Tell all the truth but tell it Slant' and 'Now I knew I lost her'.

As for what happened in India during the devastating ‘ChristmasTsunami’ have a look at :

 My poem ( I am NOT comparing myself Coleridge), has two parts before and after, that is, what happened during the crisis and what to learn from it, without any obvious division made. I have tried to make the tempo fast in the beginning and then suddenly slow, as most natural disasters occur. Also it starts lyrically and then it becomes more of a dramatic monologue.  Yes, I know it’s kind of long and preachy!

You know, during the World Cup Football, we all got together to cheer teams from different countries, so we all can come together, but for what? A fight about a round object! Amazing! Aren’t we a confused set of being! Next what Commonwealth Games?

Facts Till Date Published in Media: Deaths in Gaza  600+ civilians,Malaysian Flight  298,Iraq ,1500
Total  more than 3000 deaths in the course of twenty days!

Forget deaths due to famine, malnutrition, crimes of passion and disease.
Well, I am in kind of a preachy mood, let me just have that cup of Brazil bean coffee….no wait it’s too weak, I think I will go for the  Turkish blend! Ja wunderbar!......

Nature's Wave

Water, water, everywhere,
and not a drop to drink,
Water, water, everywhere,
And Oh! Our lives did sink!

All were enjoying the festive season,
All across the land,
Then came that mighty wave,
And stuck us in the sand.

Oh God! What did we do to deserve,
such a  slap so hard?
Where is my house ?
Where is my tree ?
Where are the books and toys ?
Where is my spouse?
Where is my hearth?
Where is my life?
Where  are the children who played in the yard?

Away, away, all washed away,
We all are dazed,
The day passes to the next day,
Land and sea still rumble now and then,
We are now all cramped,
Like pigs in a pen,
Waiting for help and hope,
Help trickles in,
Too late too little,
And then too much!                                                    (Still more reading to go)

Help always comes late,
They wait, watch and wait,
Till the disaster comes,
They watch the disaster,
Till their hands become numb,
‘No, no, no Tsunami or enemy will never ever here come’
And the enemy through history always has!
Nature cannot be stopped.

But, let us pause and think,
What has been so good about all this?
There have been acts of kindness, bravery and compassion,
The world has come together to help and aide,
The affected nations.

Do we need a disaster,
To come and help each other out?                                          (It’s almost over)
Do we need tall towers to fall,
An earthquake, to shakes our senses about?
To help each other and come together,
Only when we fear we will be wiped out?

Tears will be shed in the east and west,
Maybe it’s a test?
A call from Nature,
To make us wake up,
Or, maybe it is to tells us that,
Man tries very hard,
To control nature,
To pollute natures air,
To pollute natures land,
 Pierce through the earth and cut green,
For our own comfort,
And give nothing back?                                                          (Ok,Just a little bit more)

We build satellites and communications in air,
But we forget to talk nicely to others,
We build bridges and building on land,
But we cannot find the right way and develop a good society,
We pack and purify water, oil, diamonds and gold,
 But we don’t try and purify our souls.

Yes,we have come together,
in time of crisis,
But let us come together,                               (You have read so far? Go on it’s almost over)
At other times too?
God helps those people,
who help themselves and others two!

Man cannot conquer Nature,
And that’s true
They say that time and tide wait for none,
And Nature never does too!

Water, water, everywhere,
And not a drop to drink,
Water, water, gone away,
Let us stop and think?
Why is it that all man come together?
Only when we all fear we sink?

Its over! Thank you for reading soooo far down!!