Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Collapsed & Combined

My friends my readers, The poem I post is a about rising up like a phoenix. Many times all that we stand for and believe in gets huge jolt, which makes us better persons in the long run. Life is always about meeting all odds and coming on top- after every rain there is sunshine, after a storm a calm. After defeat there is always victory. Its a fresh poem so it may go few changes later. Not particularly happy with word/image of 'defeated'-  any suggestions?

I hope you enjoy this poem!

Collapsed & Combined
Crushed and stamped
Singed and burnt
Torn and Shred
Broken and Smashed
Thrashed and Squeezed
Cut and Ripped…..

Trust is gone
So has love
So has the heart
A defeated pure soul……

Stronger and better
Taller and wiser
Clearer and healthier
Direct and controlled
Faster and Sharper
Finer and Shrewd
All together and Steadfast
At LAST…..
Once Collapsed - now Combined

Monday, June 10, 2013

Questions to Myself

My dear friends, my readers, I recently stumbled upon an internet article on a certain philosophy, which deeply touched me. Now what was that religious belief, I shall not disclose as it will create a prejudice. It basically talked of how each human being in this life has been your father or mother from the beginning of time and how we should embrace other fellow beings as one would embrace our father and mother.
To accept, forgive and love, to feel the others sorrows and joy.

This got me thinking how many times I would have offended people unwittingly? How awful it is if someone is upset and angry with me without my knowledge and having a grudge in the heart which I would never have an opportunity to remove?

It got me obsessed with all I that I had done and spoken to others, and I was determined that if I could find out, I would rectify, make an apology or explain matters.

How much does it take to be selfless and giving? Not much. BUT a very difficult task to follow the philosophy above, but I shall try.
Today I post a poem which written as a set of quick questions I thought to myself.
So here I go and have my coffee, in the lovely cool monsoon time in my home town on annual leave.

Todays Questions
Did I do all things right today?
Perhaps I did, perhaps I did not?
Did I leave anything unturned?
Did I have  wicked thoughts?
Did I do good to others , or have others been good to me?
Did I undo all good I did with my blunt words, and did I act irresponsibly?
Did I do things keeping others in mind and did I forget ‘I’ consciously?
In forgetting yourself it helps others? Then I will try to do it selflessly.
Did I think all things right today…………………perhaps  I did ,…………………perhaps not?


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother Dove

Hello my friends my readers! Here is a poem very close to my heart I wrote for all the mothers in the world. It is through our children that we realize what it is to be a ‘Mother’. A wonderful yet thankless life long job!

It is only when we are away from them do we realize their worth,it is when we feel helpless that we remember them, …..when in trouble, when we are sad,successful, or happy we remember our mothers!

Any loving mother will say ‘I don’t need a mothers day, just clean up your room do your home work OR just take good care of your kids and spouse, and it will be a celebration for me!’

But I say why not? They deserve it! So , HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the Moms in the world! Hey, you make the world go round!

The poem is called ‘Mother Dove’. It is based on the concept of a mother her sacrifices and her wondering if her children we will see her through till the end.

So enjoy a cup of coffee and also the poem!

Mother Dove

Flap, flutter, and flight,

There they go!

Their first flight in the sky,

Independent and alone,

Soaring above,my dear white doves,

So high, they have flown?

Off they went!

Their wings a flutter,

Cutting soft marks on my face as if they utter,

‘Here I go, you have held me with you for so long,

here I go far and long’

Leaving soft white feathers, as if to say,

‘That’s all you will get of me now ,to hold on, so long’,

While many nights before,

They had been pink squirmy bundles of life,

Squeaking away, looking up hungrily,

to me for food, shelter and hope,

I gave all three and more,

Sheltered them in my nest, fed them everyday,

Kept the shrill evil circling swoopers,

The slimy sliders, the wicked walkers,

The predators away,

with sharp eyes and beak,

through night and day,

Told them of the worms,the birds,the bees,seeds and the trees,

Encouraged their every flight and fall,

So that one day they would fly to cover,

Mountains,seas,and towers,

Look! See! How far they have gone!

They now soar in the wide blue,

And I wonder if they shall see me through,

My final flight,

My final fall.

You can see some nice quotes on Mothers at :http://sayingimages.com/happy-mothers-day-inspiration-quotes-sayings-cards/
And if you are interested to find out about the history of Mothers Day on good old Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother's_Day
AND if you are really, really, really interested about Doves check out :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mourning_Dove - try it, it is worth it.



Friday, October 19, 2012

I am You

Hello my friends my readers! A long refreshing break and I am back! It’s  three months well spent in complete internet detox! To those who are still reading- here goes… it’s pretty long one this post! Well, last I disconnected from the blog the next day I heard of the God Particle being discovered! …….Ok, so life went on and the problems still remain!! So discovering the ‘Goddamn Particle ‘ didn’t help much... huh ..did it? I suppose it just proves that whatever that already exists is always present and we need to discover it- dis cover/uncover. So I tried to 'discover' myself in these three four odd months. Well a writer ( At least I think  I am - ahem!) is as good as what he reads so I read some amazing books which I will discuss On My Coffee Table page above. Read Dan Brown I wonder what he has to say of the ancient, still half deciphered symbols/script of the Indus Valley Civilization?  
Reading cleared a lot of cluttering of creative thought in the mind, it just opened the Doors of Perception—ring a bell anyone? The electric poet? Jim Morrison- Doors! So, yes, I reheard Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin et al(Have kids today even heard of them, I wonder..?) And NO! I Did not see a Red Indian in my dreams like Morrison!  Then, my fingers became restless and I painted a portrait of Diana of the Hunt. Why? I don’t know, maybe I just felt like killing a whole lot of people???? Well, yes I am no great artist but I am going through a phase of reading and painting mythical people, before, it was an overflow of poetry!!!
So, self discovery has taken a time of three months which is like I suppose equivalent to three years on the internet! Hey, the world is still the nasty place it was with some instances of goodness still making it worth while to live- that's the power of goodness! So the poem I wrote is on a philosophical level. Very internal in nature speculating on oneness of people/ humanity and the search of goodness-me being disturbed by all the revolutions, gun killings and lies around the world. I have tried to bring a meditative level, it is written as if a hidden voice or the soul or scripture talking in the mind- I know, I Know tooo much nah, but hey if you have read so far might as well go on and read my poem!

So, thank you for scrolling down- hope you enjoy the random thoughts in this poem of mine!.... Coffee anyone?

I Am You

I am you and you are me,

I am in all and all are in me,

Like a lotus flower blooming in the mud,

And the sunlight hitting the morning due,

Search and find me in that instance,

That sudden flash of light,

I shall reveal to you,


I  will slink into your soul,

And breathe my Spirit in your air,

The soul ever restless and searching for the light,

I was, I am and shall always will be, unseen to the foolish ones sight,

Before ,now and then after for eternity,

Your sons, daughters, fathers, brothers and all other ‘You’s’ will be same to me ,

I have seen and will see,

In the ether I will be,

Formless, colourless, and indistructable,

Atoms, dimensions, or strings? Call me what you want,

See me the way you want;

Seek me in the Sun,

Seek me in the Moon,

Seek me in the Star,

Seek me in the Cross,

But try to seek and see me,

As I am and as I shall be,

Always present,

Always free,

Always in your image.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Into an Abyss and Out

Hello my friends my dear readers! Where I am located-it is the sweltering heat and humidity which is on- burning up my laptop! Well today’s poem comes straight from one of my ‘fits of fury’ unleashed on the whole wide world! Well , all of us have ‘those ‘ moments when we want to just smash anyone and anything that seems so unfair! So much so the  more writers /painters/singers/musicians –all mostly people who think with the heart first than the head! And YES , I admit I am a women and we do have such moments too often! My husband generally jokes that I have a bi polar disorder- which most creative people have- but it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have it and you write well you should sulk over it!!!! Or like most creative people you also don’t need to go mad or be in abject poverty to be known as a good artist! Yes, there are people who feel as if something is missing if they don’t have pain. So this poem was written during my ‘one of those’ - moods when emotions go up and down and all around. I later modified the poem on visual structure –that is- I positioned the words and letters in a way to convey my emotions the best way- -----
So I hope it has effect. Do let me know what you think? So here I go make myself a lovely chocolate, coffee and vanilla ice cream smoothie! Bye & Enjoy!

Into an Abyss and Out
And thus I go on,
 rambling on,
and ranting on,
a          river over a,
Downward, hilly valley,
Cutting through rocks, stones,
Rushing over banks to flow finally in the deep blue.

And thus, I go on,
My view of the world outside in,
On one point I and the rest,
A merry go round,
All insides up and down,
All nerves bursting to

And thus, I go on,
And falling,
And falling,
And deeper,
And deeper,
Twisting, twisting, and twisting
Turning and turning,  

Into an abyss

I fall into an abyss,
Getting all sucked in and,
Waiting for the moment,
To be SPIT OUT of ,


Yet waiting to ERRUPT ANY MOMENT!
I wait,

To be thrown out and rebound high,
To WHIP and VANQUISH deceit, disloyal persons and things,
And all that is,

I wish,
All those who play games, and cause despair to others,
To plant good seeds,
To Colour with a paint of goodness and truth
To Say and hear lovely thoughts, and,
To See kindness and compassion,
To hear truths,
To make things better,
To be peaceful,
To be quiet,
To be thoughtful,
To be kind,
And then just………
To be me.

Monday, April 16, 2012

May Gods

Hello my friends, my readers! Spring had come and delighted us, and now the hot hot months are soon to arrive. The poetry website http://gooseberrygoespoetic.blogspot/ got me searching on the various poems written on spring. I went through all the great poets of mainly the Romantic era, and found to my dismay not one poem which would capture spring in all its glory! I was surprised! Most poets have written in Spring but their best poems have been about autumn! If you look at some of Van Gogh’s paintings they too don’t capture the exact colors of spring, but his harvest paintings and those in autumn are some of the finest!  Check out great painters:

Maybe I lack the literary knowledge. But maybe it is also because Spring itself is so pristine and beautiful that it is difficult to capture it in words or colors or song? It is too perfect a God’s creation for us humans to replicate, I guess. Whenever I see the new flowers, the leaves and the blooms, I wonder, would Heaven be like this? In India for most people Spring comes with its traditional days celebrated with Holi, Gudi Padwa, Baisakhi etc, and then we enter the hot and scorching months of May. Mid May onwards is the worst, in which we all feel, literally sapped off, of our energies, and we all pray for the dark clouds to come with a bit of rain as relief and later the early Monsoon showers.

So, today I post my poem on Spring & Summer and the wish for the start of the Monsoon. I have written it in a theatrical way describing the heat and then the rain, there is also a lot of personification. Also, the last line from the first stanza, has, I think come from the subconscious level after reading some poem of Shakespeare long time ago, if you happen to know the poem do let me know. Enjoy my poem and I will go and roast some coffee beans!

May Gods….. Help Us!

The Sun gold,
Shines so bright,
On the first day of May,
The flowers bloom their colors, scents and lights,
and the birds sing twitters gay,
Welcoming the Summer Gods and Springs,
And the darling buds of May!

The days go on, on and on, hot and warm,
Our spirits are going dry,
We pray to the mighty, clear blue Sky,
And hope Thunder God flies by,

Wind comes and blows her breath, sultry hot and then cold,
Bringing along her swarthy cloud friends all dancing in a tow,
The Clouds meet, the Thunder God comes,
and pours down,
from the heavens bowl,

Once the heavenly spirit falls down earth,
Nature starts to sway,
The Sun, the Wind, hear the music
and applaud the glorious play,
Soon God comes out through his colored arch,
and blesses the beautiful day,

This is just a glimpse of Heaven my children,
If you want to enter the Arch one day,
The Devil will close his door shut even,
If you don’t pray to me each day!
Enjoy this lovely day like heaven,
And the sunny month of May!’


Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting High on the Mountains !

Hello my friends my readers! Am back from my travels! First I was setting up my house in order, then I was going up the mountains and playing golf! In between I changed states, followed elections, two people I knew passed away and one friend FINALLY got married, I attended a few ‘lah di dah’ parties, my kid passed his class to the next class- lower kindergarten. And of course, in between there was the mandatory bomb blast in India, and then one abroad,….. an earthquake, a fire, a celebrity death- Whitney Houston! Hmmmm……..Drugs=Death=Waste of life - Waste of talent.
So, this new year started with a lot of activity and change in general, they are saying it’s a year of a lot of spending and a lot of doom! Hey, that’s the fun of life isn’t it? You haven’t lived if you haven’t lived, I say! And yes, in all this I squeezed in some time to write some fresh poems! So here’s one coming hot from the oven! It’s about the mountains- cool, clean and magnificent. Spring was in the air  with all the colorful blooms on the trees, so I thought why not a fresh poem for all my friends?  The poem was written while looking at the Himalayan peaks of Trishul and Nandadevi- yes, the one some say is the highest point now.
The poem is not written in a very philosophical tone or in awe, but in a manner very straightforward. I wish to convey the effect of the twists and turns on the mountain road and my destiny which keeps bringing me back to these majestic creations of God ! Enjoy! Gotta go………… my coffee’s getting cold!

The Mountains
Over twisting roads and hairpin bends, will these mountains ever leave me?
Over valleys, waterfalls, lakes and trees, will these mountains ever leave me?
Over bushes and thorny trees, crossing people, cars and birds, will these mountains ever leave me?
Over high roads, white shining peaks , people drinking hot tea and quaint houses, and hardy people with dry wood on their backs, will these mountains ever leave me?
A gush of wind, swaying trees, clapping leaves, as if to bring the sea so high to me, will these mountains ever leave me?
Mellow sunlight, blue skies, sudden rain and sudden frost, will these mountains ever leave me?
Again and again, I traverse through their ways, again and again, all over their sudden twists, dead ends and deep drops,
Again and again, through their villages, narrow lanes and by lanes, again and again, in the distance they wane, and gain and wane and gain, will these mountains ever leave me?
I go to the seven shores, the plains and visit the seven seas, again and again and again, to the ways, I already have known I climb again,
Will these mountains ever leave me?