Thursday, October 2, 2014

What Do the Stars Say?

Hello my friends, my readers! My country India has put an Orbiter to Mars called the Mangalyaan- YAY! We have reached so far using technology, yet we all are still following the stars from earth and celebrating our festivals, fasting, shopping, praying. Where does science and cultural beliefs, start and end? OR do they merge more and more now? In India, before we get married to anyone,we are cautious about the presence of the planet Mars in the birth chart-well what happens now?  Well here is in your face all Mars Haters! Countries are spending millions to get there so ‘show some respect Mon’ like they say in the West Indies! How much do we believe the horoscopes in this internet age, or do we carve our own destiny? I think, we all, may not be able to stop the turning of Mars or Saturn but we sure can make, create and change our destiny to an extent, thanks to the million miles between the planets and us ,our creator is giving us a chance! So Good Luck to you all! And like they say in Star Wars ‘May the Force be With You’.!
Here is a poem and keep stirring that Coffee!

What do the Stars Say?

To believe or not believe
that is the question.
The moment we come to life,that moment destiny turns,
The planets millions of miles away,
Follow us in their gaze,
Should we believe what they tell us,
or should we find our own ways?

Do the stars guide our life?
Do they define our deeds done
Or should we follow our ,hearts mind or soul,
Or the many planet positions?

The predictors tell you, the past present and future,
But ‘Free Will’,will get in the way,
We get in out lives what we Will,
And the planets keep turning away.

In them does the future lies?
Should we heed what the predictor advise,
or our own?

On our own,
We have to plant the seed sown,
Cut the weeds which have grown,
Pour water and trim hedges,
And make the garden beautiful,

The sun will shine as it should,
Bees will buzz and birds tweet,
Then rain,clouds,snow or sleet,
Go on in their lives,
Each moment unique,
Each moment alive,
Each moment unique,
Each moment our own,
Our own to seek. This has a great video of water on Mars-do see.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nature's Wave

My dear friends, my readers, I hope the football fever we all had, has now worn off? Well we cannot stop talking about it can we? It is as if we want all the problems in Iraq, Israel/Gaza Strip, Ukraine,the droughts and now the floods to go away and to hide behind football! Well they don’t! I wonder if the floods and droughts are a signal from nature/God( or who ever/ what ever you believe in) to wake us up to real problems, we our own wonderful selves have created!

Today I post a poem which I wrote a very long time ago when India had been hit by a giant Tsunami causing destruction and death in the south of India.  It’s written like the poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.You can have a look at my favourite Wikipedia : for the background and meaning of the poem, for the poem in its pure form is on, this is a great page with some poems of Emily Dickinson as well: 'Tell all the truth but tell it Slant' and 'Now I knew I lost her'.

As for what happened in India during the devastating ‘ChristmasTsunami’ have a look at :

 My poem ( I am NOT comparing myself Coleridge), has two parts before and after, that is, what happened during the crisis and what to learn from it, without any obvious division made. I have tried to make the tempo fast in the beginning and then suddenly slow, as most natural disasters occur. Also it starts lyrically and then it becomes more of a dramatic monologue.  Yes, I know it’s kind of long and preachy!

You know, during the World Cup Football, we all got together to cheer teams from different countries, so we all can come together, but for what? A fight about a round object! Amazing! Aren’t we a confused set of being! Next what Commonwealth Games?

Facts Till Date Published in Media: Deaths in Gaza  600+ civilians,Malaysian Flight  298,Iraq ,1500
Total  more than 3000 deaths in the course of twenty days!

Forget deaths due to famine, malnutrition, crimes of passion and disease.
Well, I am in kind of a preachy mood, let me just have that cup of Brazil bean coffee….no wait it’s too weak, I think I will go for the  Turkish blend! Ja wunderbar!......

Nature's Wave

Water, water, everywhere,
and not a drop to drink,
Water, water, everywhere,
And Oh! Our lives did sink!

All were enjoying the festive season,
All across the land,
Then came that mighty wave,
And stuck us in the sand.

Oh God! What did we do to deserve,
such a  slap so hard?
Where is my house ?
Where is my tree ?
Where are the books and toys ?
Where is my spouse?
Where is my hearth?
Where is my life?
Where  are the children who played in the yard?

Away, away, all washed away,
We all are dazed,
The day passes to the next day,
Land and sea still rumble now and then,
We are now all cramped,
Like pigs in a pen,
Waiting for help and hope,
Help trickles in,
Too late too little,
And then too much!                                                    (Still more reading to go)

Help always comes late,
They wait, watch and wait,
Till the disaster comes,
They watch the disaster,
Till their hands become numb,
‘No, no, no Tsunami or enemy will never ever here come’
And the enemy through history always has!
Nature cannot be stopped.

But, let us pause and think,
What has been so good about all this?
There have been acts of kindness, bravery and compassion,
The world has come together to help and aide,
The affected nations.

Do we need a disaster,
To come and help each other out?                                          (It’s almost over)
Do we need tall towers to fall,
An earthquake, to shakes our senses about?
To help each other and come together,
Only when we fear we will be wiped out?

Tears will be shed in the east and west,
Maybe it’s a test?
A call from Nature,
To make us wake up,
Or, maybe it is to tells us that,
Man tries very hard,
To control nature,
To pollute natures air,
To pollute natures land,
 Pierce through the earth and cut green,
For our own comfort,
And give nothing back?                                                          (Ok,Just a little bit more)

We build satellites and communications in air,
But we forget to talk nicely to others,
We build bridges and building on land,
But we cannot find the right way and develop a good society,
We pack and purify water, oil, diamonds and gold,
 But we don’t try and purify our souls.

Yes,we have come together,
in time of crisis,
But let us come together,                               (You have read so far? Go on it’s almost over)
At other times too?
God helps those people,
who help themselves and others two!

Man cannot conquer Nature,
And that’s true
They say that time and tide wait for none,
And Nature never does too!

Water, water, everywhere,
And not a drop to drink,
Water, water, gone away,
Let us stop and think?
Why is it that all man come together?
Only when we all fear we sink?

Its over! Thank you for reading soooo far down!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A New Beginning

My Dear Readers, my Friends,

I have embarked on a new and a difficult journey of writing. I would require your help in my journey. I have on  Kindle two e-books for a free  for my friends and readers,from the 6th June to 8th June 2014. I request you to do have a read and give me some honest reviews, which will help my writing. Also tell me if there is any technical glitch during downloading, or viewing.

The titles are : The Terrorist Inquest and The Diary of the Daily Cribber- the link to my page is at right side of this blog or type : You can read them without a kindle reader. These books are just an example of my writing, there are many to come.

Wish me luck!

Ashwini Sane

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Voice of Trees

Dear friends and readers, its that time of the year again, when we remember the environment on June 5. The poem is in two voices one of how trees are a part of our lives and the other voice in the poem is the voice of trees, who speak to us. It is in our own hands that the future lies and it is with our own hands that we cut the trees. When will it stop? How much of technology and demands should we have? These are some issues we adults should really think about if we want to handover this world to our children. Do we really need that touch screen bendable mobile phone? Must we always buy a branded plastic bag to show off to our friends?

I think it is time to go back to our traditions which encourage recycling, and grandmas home recipes for cosmetics. Hopefully we can achieve a correct balance of technology and environment friendly products and habits.

Here I go have my filter coffee... oops should I ? I just opened it from a tetra pack and used a a filter paper. Hmmmm?

The Voice of Trees

Oh look, here is our old childhood tree!
And that’s not all, it is made of wood!
The pencil in childhood,
The bed in adulthood,
The stick in our old age,
Slippers of the sage,
In each book and hymn page!

We burn! We burn!
We cut, and we burn!
For all the millions to earn!
When will we ever learn?
We are burning our fingers,
We are axing our two feet,
If we burn all the forests down?
How will homes be made and what will we eat?
The Trees don’t speak, but they feel,
Yes, even through their hard teak!
And if they had a voice they would say…….

The Voice of Trees…….
Imagine a world with no trees, just imagine it?
No table to write or discover lands overseas?
No warmth in the cold, no animals in the woods?
No one to give you shade in places where we once stood,
No romance behind us lovely green trees?
No humming of the birds or buzzing of the bees?
No ! You can’t do without us trees!
So please, please, please, don’t cut my roots and my long vines!
Take care of our Earth as our future is entwined!
So please, don’t cut us lovely trees , please!

And such will be their plight as they fall,
We only take but they always give to all,
No wonder! No wonder why,
God has made them stand upright and above us all!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Collapsed & Combined

My friends my readers, The poem I post is a about rising up like a phoenix. Many times all that we stand for and believe in gets huge jolt, which makes us better persons in the long run. Life is always about meeting all odds and coming on top- after every rain there is sunshine, after a storm a calm. After defeat there is always victory. Its a fresh poem so it may go few changes later. Not particularly happy with word/image of 'defeated'-  any suggestions?

I hope you enjoy this poem!

Collapsed & Combined
Crushed and stamped
Singed and burnt
Torn and Shred
Broken and Smashed
Thrashed and Squeezed
Cut and Ripped…..

Trust is gone
So has love
So has the heart
A defeated pure soul……

Stronger and better
Taller and wiser
Clearer and healthier
Direct and controlled
Faster and Sharper
Finer and Shrewd
All together and Steadfast
At LAST…..
Once Collapsed - now Combined

Monday, June 10, 2013

Questions to Myself

My dear friends, my readers, I recently stumbled upon an internet article on a certain philosophy, which deeply touched me. Now what was that religious belief, I shall not disclose as it will create a prejudice. It basically talked of how each human being in this life has been your father or mother from the beginning of time and how we should embrace other fellow beings as one would embrace our father and mother.
To accept, forgive and love, to feel the others sorrows and joy.

This got me thinking how many times I would have offended people unwittingly? How awful it is if someone is upset and angry with me without my knowledge and having a grudge in the heart which I would never have an opportunity to remove?

It got me obsessed with all I that I had done and spoken to others, and I was determined that if I could find out, I would rectify, make an apology or explain matters.

How much does it take to be selfless and giving? Not much. BUT a very difficult task to follow the philosophy above, but I shall try.
Today I post a poem which written as a set of quick questions I thought to myself.
So here I go and have my coffee, in the lovely cool monsoon time in my home town on annual leave.

Todays Questions
Did I do all things right today?
Perhaps I did, perhaps I did not?
Did I leave anything unturned?
Did I have  wicked thoughts?
Did I do good to others , or have others been good to me?
Did I undo all good I did with my blunt words, and did I act irresponsibly?
Did I do things keeping others in mind and did I forget ‘I’ consciously?
In forgetting yourself it helps others? Then I will try to do it selflessly.
Did I think all things right today…………………perhaps  I did ,…………………perhaps not?


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother Dove

Hello my friends my readers! Here is a poem very close to my heart I wrote for all the mothers in the world. It is through our children that we realize what it is to be a ‘Mother’. A wonderful yet thankless life long job!

It is only when we are away from them do we realize their worth,it is when we feel helpless that we remember them, …..when in trouble, when we are sad,successful, or happy we remember our mothers!

Any loving mother will say ‘I don’t need a mothers day, just clean up your room do your home work OR just take good care of your kids and spouse, and it will be a celebration for me!’

But I say why not? They deserve it! So , HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the Moms in the world! Hey, you make the world go round!

The poem is called ‘Mother Dove’. It is based on the concept of a mother her sacrifices and her wondering if her children we will see her through till the end.

So enjoy a cup of coffee and also the poem!

Mother Dove

Flap, flutter, and flight,

There they go!

Their first flight in the sky,

Independent and alone,

Soaring above,my dear white doves,

So high, they have flown?

Off they went!

Their wings a flutter,

Cutting soft marks on my face as if they utter,

‘Here I go, you have held me with you for so long,

here I go far and long’

Leaving soft white feathers, as if to say,

‘That’s all you will get of me now ,to hold on, so long’,

While many nights before,

They had been pink squirmy bundles of life,

Squeaking away, looking up hungrily,

to me for food, shelter and hope,

I gave all three and more,

Sheltered them in my nest, fed them everyday,

Kept the shrill evil circling swoopers,

The slimy sliders, the wicked walkers,

The predators away,

with sharp eyes and beak,

through night and day,

Told them of the worms,the birds,the bees,seeds and the trees,

Encouraged their every flight and fall,

So that one day they would fly to cover,

Mountains,seas,and towers,

Look! See! How far they have gone!

They now soar in the wide blue,

And I wonder if they shall see me through,

My final flight,

My final fall.

You can see some nice quotes on Mothers at :
And if you are interested to find out about the history of Mothers Day on good old Wikipedia:'s_Day
AND if you are really, really, really interested about Doves check out : - try it, it is worth it.