Friday, February 25, 2011


Hi everyone! This new poem below was written some years back. It was just one of those times after my brother had married and I was in a very contemplative mood, just had been through the whole whirl wind of activity and then a sudden standstill in time. I went back to my childhood memories, my friends, teachers, colleagues, relatives. I realized that there has been much joy and sorrow in life. I feel that joy is short lived and sorrow goes on, but we make it through with the hope that joy will come back to us. How God has made it so perfect! If there was no sorrow , how would we ever know what is joy?

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Windows of the past,
Sometimes open, sometimes close,
Wind like memories slide in
and twirl like flakes of snow,
Each memory, each flake,
So unique, pristine and clear,
Melt as they touch our soul,
Some cool comfort, some cold fear.

Each drop makes an ocean,
Each brick a tall tower,
Each garden has a cactus growing ,
and also the colored flower,
Memories make a person,
Persons make a memory,
A mistake or is it experience, a history or a mystery?
The windows of our life,
A view to many memories.


  1. U r super talented...n m bcumin fan of urs...

  2. It's when one loses something he realises the value of the feeling lost .

    Like we all miss being happy when sorrows take over our lives but take joys for granted when we experience ...
    I really loved the lines:
    "Memories make a person,
    Persons make a memory,"
    Its like we all are nothing without each other .
    Even when it comes to hope and strength it's people closest to us who stay by our side .
    This is totally beautiful :)

  3. Hi, Thanks Kudrat,
    So happy you liked my words!

  4. Thanks Neeta,I really appreciate it!

  5. Hi Ashwini,
    A mistake takes you on the path of perfection.
    Memories teach you to live with.Otherwise you will get bored in life.
    Sorrow is the cause of happiness in the future.
    Time is the only remedy!

  6. Thanks Sarita,
    How your words are true! Memories take us back to the people and times that we miss dearly.

  7. Keith Bernard PhillipsApril 8, 2011 at 8:07 AM

    Much awaited poetry from you. Best of Luck

  8. A wonderful post, Ashwini! I love the poem and your foreward is awesome, too!

  9. :) nice work indeed!
    enjoy gooseberry day!

  10. well written. Life has so many windows just for the past memories:)