Saturday, June 4, 2011

Me for the Trees- World Environment Day June 5, 2011

Hello, my readers my friends! Today’s thought and poem is dedicated to the World Environment Day on June 5 2011.I am not writing for any competition but I write with my voice for the trees and for the future generation which depends upon nature.  You would have already noticed how hot it is getting all over India, may be its due to deforestation and building of concrete jungles? If you go around the country you will see especially in the north that a lot of trees are being cut for various commercial purposes, which results in landslides and environmental changes in the region.
Just as God helps those who help themselves, in the same way Nature will help you if you help her to survive! A lot of problems of purer air and water can be solved by planting of more trees, recycling and using environmentally friendly items and following some simple steps in everyday living, for more information on such a concept you can see the TreeHuggers website , as well as detailed analysis of the environment can be seen at the UNEP website   or
So I appeal to you to take some time off from your busy schedule on the 5th and do something simple like planting a tree or just looking at it from far away and saying a big ‘Thank You!’ , for all the carbon dioxide it is working on each day and night without overtime charges!! So take a cup of coffee with some cardamom and enjoy the poem below! The poem is in two parts; the first part has my voice for the trees and the second the Voices of Trees! Write to me!
Me for the Trees
Oh look, here is our old childhood tree!
And that’s not all, it is made of wood!
The pencil in childhood,
The bed in adulthood,
The stick in our old age,
Slippers of the sage,
In each book and hymn page!

We burn! We burn!
We cut, and we burn!
For all the millions to earn!
When will we ever learn?
We are burning our fingers,
We are axing our two feet,
If we burn all the forests down?
How will homes be made and what will we eat?
The Trees don’t speak, but they feel,
Yes, even through their hard teak!
And if they had a voice they would say…….

The Voice of Trees…….
Imagine a world with no trees, just imagine it?
No table to write or discover lands overseas?
No warmth in the cold, no animals in the woods?
No one to give you shade in places where we once stood,
No romance behind us lovely green trees?
No humming of the birds or buzzing of the bees?
No ! You can’t do without us trees!
So please, please, please, don’t cut my roots and my long vines!
Take care of our Earth as our future is entwined!
So please, don’t cut us lovely trees , please!

And such will be their plight as they fall,
We only take but they always give to all,
No wonder! No wonder ,why,
God has made them stand upright and above us all!

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  1. Ash- this was one best of all id vote. very thoughtful.

  2. beautiful indeed....
    Nature is very kind and generous.
    Today we need the issue of environmental crisis, to educate the general public. Environment, wildlife - animals and human society to understand the direct relationship of the common man, to understand the scientific point of view, it is necessary to see Creatures - animals and the forest its 'difficult', but is equally interesting. a gr8 poem for mother nature, hope these small efforts can make ppl aware of nature and save earth.

  3. excellent...this is a message that needs heard today more than ever. how quickly we have forgotten our oceans covered in oil and animals, as we dpend more and more on the oil we pump from within mother earth...

  4. Thank you Sush and PEARL, what will I do without your support!

  5. Thank you Brian for visiting, you write very well as well!

  6. A fitting post for Environment Day!

  7. This is a powerful message and one I wish so much people learn from

  8. Thanks indiwriter! loved your new short poem!

    mindlovemisery! All your written work is so enjoyable!

    Thank you both for visiting!