Monday, May 2, 2011

The Trees in the Abbey

Hello, my readers, my friends! A lot has happened since my last post,,,hmmm....lets seee?...Gadaffi is in trouble, Prince William got married, Osama is dead, Prince William got married,...... the sensex went up, Prince William got married......A chopper crashed in India, Prince William got married, the Queen was wearing yellow?, Prince William got married.  It was more like my child's nursery rhyme: 'Pussycat Pussycat where have you been? I have been to London to see the Queen !'  My gosh, so much of overdose of the wedding! So I shall NOT write on that anymore!
But what I did like about the wedding ceremony ( ok, ok, I am doing it) was that they had trees in the Abbey! Such lovely green trees ! I just hoped they were not uprooted from their natural places for 'The Wedding'.
Trees are so important to us, they provide us most of the things we need in day to day life which we donot appreciate. Most of the world is cutting and hacking down large areas of forests for industries and for creating areas for human settlement. When is it going to stop?
I have often driven around and have seen mountains with bald patches , with  trees which have been lumbered down. From the road they look like amputated arms and legs laying on tall mountains. We are having extreme winters and extreme summers- all due to the abuse of nature. As I go up ahead from where I stay, I see forests burned  for wood. And then the people complain of landslides in the area?
All I want to say is lets appreciate all that God has given us to use. Let us use but not abuse. I just hope that we find some alternative sources of energy, as nuclear energy too is causing danger to people and nature. For detailed information on alternative energy see the link, and to know what is going on currently in the sphere see link here you can read about the amazing ability of the Oriental Hornet.
So todays poem is for the tree, my tree in front of my balcony! So grab a mug of coffee with some cream and vanilla and enjoy !

Me and My Tree 
My balcony, my tree and me,
Alone we stand, alone we see,
Quiet in the sunlight,
We dance in the rain,
We do the twist, when strong winds crazily change,
In winter I feel sad, when my tree loses its greens
Its means goodbye to my friends the parrot, the sparrows and bees,
Goodbye to the rustling of the berries and leaves.
Yet, my only friend, shows me its spine,
Tells me ‘It’s winter now, but won’t spring bloom good times?’
And thus it teaches me in all my moods, loneliness, happiness and sorrows,
Each day is a day to cherish and look forward for tomorrow.

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  1. Vow Ashwini,That is a wonderful of luck with writing ,many more.
    Luv N

  2. This poem had a feel good factor to it... A soothing cold on burnt soul like.
    Loved it ashwini :)

  3. Thanks Rose, I am glad you liked it!

  4. Thank you Deepika,one of my short ones,written with heart! Best Wishes!

  5. how nice....i am gonna miss the beautiful tree and u both very soon.
    life giving, blooming, fall winter, happy, sad, so close to life.....yet strong and standing thr.

  6. Nice poem.
    Trees are very important in our lives.They are always helpful to everyone without complaining or expecting anything.
    They really teach us to stay balanced in any circumstances.

  7. Ash- too good:-) like mein aur meri tanhayee- thers an old bollywood number. mein aur mera ped- Believe me, I too have same thing to say- me my balcony and my plants[not tree]. I wish I could write poems like you. Have written some in my teens though..........