Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Struggle for Freedom

Hello my friends, my readers! On the 15th of August we celebrated our Independence Day! We are independent since 65 years! That’s not a lot of time, I must say? When did USA get ‘Independence’ 1776? (pls correct me if I am wrong) And now, we are known as the ‘developing country’ of the world and a so called a future ‘Economic Super Power’. Yes, there is development in technology and industry but we have still a long way to become a truly self sufficient developed economy. The competition must not be with any other country but with ourselves. But , there was poverty then and there is still poverty now.
Today in India we are faced with a different type of a struggle – It is the Freedom of the Country from Corruption’. And the lone leader is Anna Hazare, an ex army man who got a calling to help the society. Through his life he has always worked for the people in the most honest possible way.( And now he fights for the ‘Lok Pal’ Bill , the Bill which has been swept under the carpet since 1969( brief, it allows the people of the country not only to question dishonest people but also the elected representatives. Following Gandhi he is following  the ‘non violence and fast to death ‘ method-  a difficult yet successful method. He has the people’s support. And one must wait to see what happens, next. In India we are pen poised to see how history will be written. Do the people win or the government?
Let the men, women and children be honored for the sacrifices they made in getting freedom for this country. I am happy to come from a more secular, socialist and democratic nation. It’s good to be free, isn’t it? So I just hope this time justice and honesty wins and we become the first nation to become the most ‘non corrupt nation’ of the world if nothing else!
On that note enjoy the poem below written on India’s Freedom Struggle. I suggest you put in a bit of crushed cardamom and cloves to your coffee and try the Masala Coffee! Enjoy and do let me know what you think!

Weapons of Freedom

A pinch of salt can save a life,
A pinch of salt can kill,
A fist of salt can free a nation,
Solely on one man’s will.

A length of rope can water fields,
The rope can hoist flags of national zeal,
A rope can tie a noose so tight,
For three braves to be killed.

A meter of white cloth can be spun by hand,
A meter can cover the shame,
Bundles of cloth can be burned on the streets,
or cover those who had fought for the Nations claim.

Salt, rope, and cloth,
Are the weapons for freedom to instill,
Stick, swords, and stones, will always break bones,
With bullets great leaders are killed.


  1. Ohh my god- Ash this was the best of all ur's dat I feel like. superb yaar. u have gr8 imagination.

  2. Thanks Sush! Nice write up on Ramadan on your blog!

  3. How true, salt, rope and cloth such simple things for freedom.....
    Beautifully written ash.

  4. A very eloquent poem, Ashwini! It's so good because it comes from the heart.

  5. Pr@chi :Thanks, am glad you got the simplicity of it!

    indiwriter: Yes you guessed it, I do get moved at times. Nice poem on 'alphabet A', on your blog-enjoyed it!

  6. Hi Ashwini.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Am glad you liked the art. I am poor in managing time for reading. But your poem is worth reading. Very good one.

  7. Freedom it is...cheers comrade!!!!! is the best of your work that I've read till congrats ;)