Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Collapsed & Combined

My friends my readers, The poem I post is a about rising up like a phoenix. Many times all that we stand for and believe in gets huge jolt, which makes us better persons in the long run. Life is always about meeting all odds and coming on top- after every rain there is sunshine, after a storm a calm. After defeat there is always victory. Its a fresh poem so it may go few changes later. Not particularly happy with word/image of 'defeated'-  any suggestions?

I hope you enjoy this poem!

Collapsed & Combined
Crushed and stamped
Singed and burnt
Torn and Shred
Broken and Smashed
Thrashed and Squeezed
Cut and Ripped…..

Trust is gone
So has love
So has the heart
A defeated pure soul……

Stronger and better
Taller and wiser
Clearer and healthier
Direct and controlled
Faster and Sharper
Finer and Shrewd
All together and Steadfast
At LAST…..
Once Collapsed - now Combined


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  2. First paragraph is all about destruction!
    Second is emotional!!
    And the third is resurrection and a collapse.
    Beautiful combination.
    Keep writing!
    Thanks & Regards
    Business line

  3. TPSR,Thank you for visiting and your words of encouragement!

  4. Transition from Karunya rasa to Veer rasa ..so suddenly...very happening poem of yours :)

    Read and liked ;)

  5. Thank you Rohan, how nicely you have analyzed it. It shows your vast knowledge. Thank you.