Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello my friends, my readers! Long time, no write! Well, today I thought I would offer you a poem about all the immeasurable moments in our lives. Get yourself a large mug of coffee with cream if you must, as since I have not written for so long, it might take a while reading!
Well, I am still on vacation! And it’s raining cats and dogs, and I am worried about a flood situation! Not only has the Monsoon set in, we in India faced another one of our yearly routine, of triple bomb blasts which ripped through crowded places and killed a lot of innocent people. And as always, the media is busy and the politicians are doing a lot of blah, blah,( even the statements are getting stale and boring) I am SO tired of hearing the words –‘resilient’, ‘spirit of the people’, ‘the perpetrators will be brought to justice’, ‘US/UN/UK/France condemns the attack’, ’Even we are facing terrorism in our country’, etc, etc, etc.
I, myself, suffered the loss of my grandfather a few days ago, whose health suddenly deteriorated and he breathed his last just a few seconds before I entered the ICU. I was heartbroken that he did not see me coming to meet him, as I thought it was my luck to be in the city on vacation when he was taken ill. I cursed myself as being the worst grandchild in the world, as I left for home. I remembered the whole night all the sweet moments we had shared together , and I dreamt of him smiling at me. But my father then called me the next day, and told me how fortunate I was to not have seen him suffer in the last moments and how I would remember him only as a healthy, happy grandfather. I then felt better, and I let go of him, slowly.
And thus, I realized how life’s moments are precious, and how we have to make the most of them, as you never know what destiny has in store for you in the next moment. Hearing of the bomb blasts and having experienced the loss of a close one, I realized I will have to make each moment of my life count, and not sulk or have any disdain to anyone or for anyone. As I remember from what Mark Antony said, in Shakespear’s classic ,drama ‘Julius Caesar, ’the evil that men do lives after themselves, the good is often intered in the bones’ (this is from memory, kindly check the actual words).
So here is the poem,…… and how about another cup of coffee?


A moment can last a life time,
A moment can tell all,
A second can be too late,
A glance can make us feel small.

A whisper can say softly, things sweet,
A shout can turn to a brawl,
A touch can cure all sickness,
A hit can make your soul fall.

All we need is a moment,
A moment that says all,
Life goes on and is timeless,
Moments that we cherish and define us,
Are the moments when we make others feel tall.

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