Sunday, April 24, 2011

This One Poem for the Men

Hello, my readers, my friends! A lot of people liked the poem on women in my last post. But, then my husbands reaction was : Very nice, that was like Catwomen meets Mother Teresa ( no offence)! How do you know how you ladies are at times and how we have supported you?'

I started thinking and I found that he was right to an extent,its all very nice to pan them and a lot of fun too! But, yes, they are important in our lives! Has anyone written a poem for them? I dont know, if you do know some poet, do let me know! So, I wrote, yes I wrote a poem for our men our husbands, or our boyfriends! I wrote and I wrote, just like the verbal diorreha that we women sometimes have!!! So read my poem below, its again a fun poem! Do let me know what you think, and all the women readers if you can pen a few lines on you own Man do write them in the Comments area, and men who will read this poem let us know your thoughts too!
For an article on the differences between men and women see this link and for some really good quotes see:
( they are fun - Like)

So grab a hot nescafe  and read....

Life Without Men
Oh! How life would be bland,
If there was no one to hold us with strong hands?
To pull out chairs,
To give us those stares!

Oh ! how it would be bleak,
If there was no one to listen to us, passively,
as we continuously speak?
Then to calmly tell us their philosophies grand,
Which we will immediately pound  to sand!

Oh! How nights would be boring,
With no loud obnoxious snoring,
Or watching T.V. shows, which we find violent and annoying?

How life would be hard,
If they never gave us, their cars, and also their many credit cards?
Who would be there?
When we bawl over memories of our teddy bear,
Or tolerate our tantrums when we have ‘nothing to wear’?

How life is in a fast pace,
When they keep things in the wrong place,
We redo it again, and again, and again!
Yes, we are like Venus, we turn the opposite way!
And you will never figure us out till the last day!

No chocolate, No flower, no balloons,
Or a special secret night ride!
Who held our hand as we cried as a new bride?

No one to eat what is not tasting right?
Or make up with us after a silly fight?
How they never remember our first date?
Or how we waited,  till they came home late?
Yet, they still wonder waiting in cars, ‘what is it that they do in the beauty parlour for such long hours?’
And they want us to look always like pretty flowers!

Who will pick up our heavy shopping bags ?
Walk like a zombie in the shopping malls?
Or  fall asleep watching ‘Titanic’ in the movie hall?
To stop smoking and start again!
To drink and say ‘last drink dear’ and start again!

No one to keep us on our feet,
To be romantic when we expect it the least,
And I don’t mean just between the sheets!
To encourage us when we are down,
Or to make us smile when we start to frown
Yes , men its true,
We may be really strong women and do just fine without you,
How life would be empty, without our best friends- You!

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  1. Ash- A poem for men seemed a good idea indeed.

    If I ever enter into a mood of writing something "for the men" i will link back to ur blog !!

  2. wonderful good one dear
    seems u r missing the man of ur life

  3. Hi Ashwini,
    I think behind every woman there is a man who helps and supports her to achieve her goals or to live a happy and comfortable life.
    Of course,there are exceptions also.
    But we should always be positive even if we know this is 'KALIYUG'.

  4. ooh,well not to mention its really well written but commenting on that one is dangerous..........well I hope we all find the man of our lives

  5. I like the way you ve written it,the rhyme,the philosophy.

  6. the best lines are ;
    To tell us their philosophies grand
    which we will immediately pound to sand.....
    but in all fairness yes...

  7. I also like the way u introduced this poem...and the others...)...keep going..