Friday, February 25, 2011


Hi everyone! This new poem below was written some years back. It was just one of those times after my brother had married and I was in a very contemplative mood, just had been through the whole whirl wind of activity and then a sudden standstill in time. I went back to my childhood memories, my friends, teachers, colleagues, relatives. I realized that there has been much joy and sorrow in life. I feel that joy is short lived and sorrow goes on, but we make it through with the hope that joy will come back to us. How God has made it so perfect! If there was no sorrow , how would we ever know what is joy?

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Windows of the past,
Sometimes open, sometimes close,
Wind like memories slide in
and twirl like flakes of snow,
Each memory, each flake,
So unique, pristine and clear,
Melt as they touch our soul,
Some cool comfort, some cold fear.

Each drop makes an ocean,
Each brick a tall tower,
Each garden has a cactus growing ,
and also the colored flower,
Memories make a person,
Persons make a memory,
A mistake or is it experience, a history or a mystery?
The windows of our life,
A view to many memories.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Wait

The poem below was written a month after I got married. It was written after the mad rush of marriage celebrations and the honeymoon. Reality hit me very hard of how things are married to a doctor and that too in the army.I felt the house would swallow me and thats when I got writing. Don't worry, I was out of that low phase soon! Please read out the following poem slowly, you will feel the stillness I wish to convey. I am sure many women will understand these words. Do leave behind your thoughts!

The Wait

Four rooms and sixteen walls,
I sit alone,
I wait.

The sun rises,
The wind blows,
Birds feed and nest,

I sit alone ,
I wait.

Leaves fall,
Flowers bloom and wilt,
Shadows drop, stars are born, some die,

I sit alone,
I wait.

Time comes, and time slows,
I work alone,

I sit alone,
I wait.

He comes,
I am not alone,
And then he goes,

I sit alone,
I wait

In these four rooms and sixteen walls, is my life,

I sit alone,
I wait.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bottle of Life

Life, Love and Friendship,
The three ingredients to survive,
Mix to make a golden potion,
or a bottleful of bittersweet wine.

Life, too short to live,
Love, very hard to find,
Friendship, difficult to keep,
Drink all to live this life.

One ingredient too much,
One ingredient too slight,
Drink to be merry,
or drown in sorrows of life.

The great brewer sitting above,
brews everyone a potion just right,
“Drink but don’t loose your senses,
drink till the lees, this life.
And when your bottle gets empty
and you see the bright white light,
come taste my pure nectar of Heaven,
Please bring your empty bottle of life”.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Butterfly Party

She flutters in, like the breeze in the night air,
Flutters about here and there,
All dressed in colored clothes,
And gold clips in her hair,
Blows air kisses to others,
And causes some stares.

A look at some,
To some, words sweet,
‘My God! She has become thin’
she thinks, as she kisses the cheeks.

From person to person,
From chair to chair,
She goes here, she goes there,
Sips in her wine,
and talks shop with great flare.

To the ladies she tries,
To flaunt her new gold chain,
And smiles mischievously,
at those men who are vain.

Artificial laugh,
Artificial chatter,
To those she doesn’t like,
and those who matter.

She smiles plenty with her enemies,
and even holds their hands,
To her true friends , just a formal glance,
And those who don’t shine,
Don’t even stand a chance.

Money talks and so does wine,
Make the right moves and shine,
Such is the rule of the Game today,
You want to play it?
Then start fluttering away!

Technology Revulsion

Technology Revulsion

Click , click , double click,
Night and day we click,
Don’t catch our forty winks,
The body-clock doesn’t stop and ticks!

Click, click, click double click,
Our mobiles are so slick,
Catch the late night multiplex flick,
Check out the new MMS chick!

Click, click, click double click,
The world sleeps and we start our shifts,
We learn languages and accents in three months quick.
Click, click, click double click,
Our brains are well known our biotech a hit!
The MNC’s pay rich, pack and leave so quick!

Click ,click, click double click,
We have targets and data base aims,
Search for clients till we go insane,
Take pills to stop our pain,
Meet Gurus of name and fame!

Click, click, click double click,
Download love and virtual friends,
Gods as screen savers,
Forward social messages on email send.

Click,click, double click,
They sell us our own beauty sticks,
All cosmetic claim magic tricks!

Click,click, double click,
Our brains have been drained,
Science, medicine and technology we have claim,
But now we feel brain strained,
And we still wonder why we fall sick?

Click, click, double click,
Virtual reality is reality,
We are going to the moon and far away galaxies!

Click, click, double click,
Technology has no boundaries still,
Lest we forget all our natural skills,
There are still lands in our own world to till,
Water in all pipes to fill,
No power in bulbs still!
<Head >

Army of Good

Collared tops
And polished boots
A  clink of armor
A short salute
All gathered together
Waiting in rows
To get into battle and defeat the foe.

No tears come down
By those who are dear
Lest there tear drops
Awaken their fears
All standing tall and brave
Fighting for their land
Which they call their home.

They are not alone
There are many like them
Who fight battles outside and within
Fight for themselves and others
For sisters and brothers
For women
For men
For children
For old
For white
For black
For money
For gold

They stand and squat,ready and wait
To protect all those
Who fight in their homeland and state
Cold, wind ,snow and heat
They wait and fight
And each hopes the other retreats
Retreat soon
Retreat soon
Let this end soon
They pray to the sun
They pray to the moon.

They pray the  powerful
To talk of peace
Peace of mind
Peace of thought
Peace to the people
Peace can’t be bought!

Not that they fear the silver bullet
They will embrace it to protect their land
But they fear for the people
The fear for the future on hand.

How long can they protect all?
Great armies cannot hurt as much as
Men hurt men through words
I t hurts more
Great armies cannot defeat as much as
Men try to defeat men through action
Great armies cannot kill, as much as
Men kill mans spirit through attitude
Great armies cannot spend,as much as
Men spend on useless time and things
On guns and wings

Great armies fight for the Truth
Truth does conqueror all
Once conquered
Who needs armies?
Who needs tears?
Who needs fears
Let there be Peace for one and all.

Be Like the Wind

Be like the Wind

Be like the Wind,
Blow hot ,cold ,strong ,silent,
Be like the wind ,warm lands, and golden sands,
Move desert mountains ,weather monuments grand.

Be like the wind,
Unseen but heard,
Speak through leaves and curtain rings,
Wind chimes, windows slamming shut and playground swings.

Be like the wind , soft, then hard, fast and furious,
Cut through sky high mountains,
Cover lands, oceans and clouds above.

Be like the wind,
Gutsy, strong, change course, yet be steadfast,
Vanquish those who step in your steady path.

Be like the wind,
Be cool , bring rain and make farms bountiful,
Scatter flowers and seeds, and sweep dead leaves sacks full.

Be like the wind,
Make the silver moon dance in dark blue ponds,
Spread perfumes, and make us hear distant songs.

Be like the wind,
Reach earth, heaven and universe,
Caress equal all mankind

Be like the wind.

Random Thoughts & Some Coffee !

Hi !
‘Random Thoughts’ is a collection of poems based on personal events in my life. With Random Thoughts, I would like to open the doors to you, to my view of life and what people, animals, nature mean to me. The poems are fun, some ask questions, and some comment on today, tomorrow and past, on people, on nature, and on technology. Read them  with an open mind and a hot cup of coffee !