Thursday, June 7, 2012

Into an Abyss and Out

Hello my friends my dear readers! Where I am located-it is the sweltering heat and humidity which is on- burning up my laptop! Well today’s poem comes straight from one of my ‘fits of fury’ unleashed on the whole wide world! Well , all of us have ‘those ‘ moments when we want to just smash anyone and anything that seems so unfair! So much so the  more writers /painters/singers/musicians –all mostly people who think with the heart first than the head! And YES , I admit I am a women and we do have such moments too often! My husband generally jokes that I have a bi polar disorder- which most creative people have- but it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have it and you write well you should sulk over it!!!! Or like most creative people you also don’t need to go mad or be in abject poverty to be known as a good artist! Yes, there are people who feel as if something is missing if they don’t have pain. So this poem was written during my ‘one of those’ - moods when emotions go up and down and all around. I later modified the poem on visual structure –that is- I positioned the words and letters in a way to convey my emotions the best way- -----
So I hope it has effect. Do let me know what you think? So here I go make myself a lovely chocolate, coffee and vanilla ice cream smoothie! Bye & Enjoy!

Into an Abyss and Out
And thus I go on,
 rambling on,
and ranting on,
a          river over a,
Downward, hilly valley,
Cutting through rocks, stones,
Rushing over banks to flow finally in the deep blue.

And thus, I go on,
My view of the world outside in,
On one point I and the rest,
A merry go round,
All insides up and down,
All nerves bursting to

And thus, I go on,
And falling,
And falling,
And deeper,
And deeper,
Twisting, twisting, and twisting
Turning and turning,  

Into an abyss

I fall into an abyss,
Getting all sucked in and,
Waiting for the moment,
To be SPIT OUT of ,


Yet waiting to ERRUPT ANY MOMENT!
I wait,

To be thrown out and rebound high,
To WHIP and VANQUISH deceit, disloyal persons and things,
And all that is,

I wish,
All those who play games, and cause despair to others,
To plant good seeds,
To Colour with a paint of goodness and truth
To Say and hear lovely thoughts, and,
To See kindness and compassion,
To hear truths,
To make things better,
To be peaceful,
To be quiet,
To be thoughtful,
To be kind,
And then just………
To be me.