Hello my readers , my friends, This will be a page where I will give you an idea of what I am writing about-sample chapters etc.

Hi friends, so far I have written two e books which are available on amazon

Here is what ARIYANA- The Secrets in the Forest ( free download 28-29 Nov 2014 is about:

The heroine Princess Ariyana is known as the Protector of the Forests. Her Druid's discovery will bring her great profits but will also put a threat to the whole jungle. Ariyana’s Minister, Shazia, knows crucial information, and Garung the Head of the Tribal people tells Princess Ariyana the secret of the Royal Families.
Prince Shah Noor is the destroyer of her lands ,her animals and wants the Druids secret formula. He is well advised by the wise and fatherly Minister Markesh and Foreign Secretly Sakhina who has secret affections for Prince Shah Noor. Princess Ariyana meets a mysterious and a frivolous Akhlex, who knows the truth behind the Flying Unicorns, hiding in her forests. Should she trust him?

Join Ariyana, as she discovers the secrets in her forest and live her journey from being a stubborn, hot headed, brave and valiant Princess to a wise and able Queen who has to make some hard and correct decisions for the greater good. 

Also discover the story of Singha the Lion who hates the two legged creatures and wants to avenge his mother’s death. There are spies, there is deceit and death, and there is also, jealousy, valor, empathy, love, loyalty, and honor.  Who is a friend and what is the truth? Will Princess Ariyana be able to please the Spirit of the Jungle and Mother Nature? Go to my link above, download and find out!

Below is the Map of the Territories under conflict

A pictorial representation of PRINCESS ARIYANA

The Terrorist Inquest was actually written as a play, but I have changed some areas to make it easier for the reader to browse.
The book is about a terrorist,a soldier and a women trapped together in a search and rescue operation. The talk, and question each other and a point comes where the lines between good and bad,right and wrong blur, till they come to a conclusion. The terrorist does not represent any country or religion, the soldier does not belong to any one army and the women does not belong to any particular country.If you like serious drama which talks of important issues today we all face than this is the book for you.

The Diary of the Daily Cribber
This short e book is a fun story, about the 31 days on a daily cribber, who's life takes twists and turns, from problems at work, to his girlfriend, his neighbors who bore him with their problems,to becoming the Village Chief of a town called Jhunjunpur. This e book is a fun read to be taken with a pinch of salt and enjoy on a ride to office or read as you take a snack.

A fantasy story based on nature,full of action,two Princes,one Princess,Druids, magical creatures and a magnificent lion! COMMING SOON!

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