On My Coffee Table......

So my dear friends and readers, a good writer is also an avid reader so this is what has been on my coffee table so far this year:

Start 2014:

Mansfield Park By Jane Austen- Lovely lovely novel, just the typical brilliant writing and 'talk' that JA excels was a lovel experience. Started Talking in correct english at home and used the world 'trifle' a lot in all my sentences!!! My husband got totally mad!

Those in Peril by Wilber Smith: Sorry to say friends am a great fan of the author but this book was I felt just a rehash of his Africa Novels- to make into some dim witted plot- based on Somalian pirates- it was too anti-Islamist plot for me. Sorry fans and Sorry Wilber Smith.

Paths of Glory: Jeffery Archer- DO DO DO read this story on the life of first person to scale mount everest-Not Hillary!!! Find out! Most interesting story of family life and the personality of the main protagonist- must read for all men AND women who lead an adventurous life and of sacrifice!

The Duchess of Windsor- The Secret Life By Charles Higgam- Wonderful tale of history and an unusual love story. A great mix of world politics,glamour,and espionage with documented proof. THUMBS UP!

A Place Called Freedom by Ken Follet- A good airport lounge read, interesting information on the 'White slavery' of coal miners and the industrial revolution. It covers the elite society and the lower classes of society.A bollywood type love story. A trans continental tale. We only know about 'black' slaves, but this is about 'white' slavery. Worth reading I will give it an A OKAY

The Golf Omnibus By PG Wodehouse- It doesnt matter if you know how to play golf and if you do you will be falling out of your chair after each paragraph! I did! Please read this one I give TWO LOUD WHISTLES

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown- This book makes you think about life. Not as great as his other stories and 'mysteries' but worth reading, kind of crazy at times, got bored in between but do finish it. I really do want to ask him about the Indus Valley Script in the Indian Continent. And how come there are no mysteries in Asia, and only in America and Europe. I suppose our culture and religion has nothing to hide? Read it its OKAY

Persuasion- Jane Austen- Yes once again back to Jane Austen! Found this not so popular book. It is one of her most finest and most uniquely different style of writing then what one is used to by the author. A mature story about a over her youth women. Great characters and descriptions of occupations- but I fear only die hard Jane Austen fans will truly enjoy this book! So For me its Full THUMBS UP AND THREE LOUD WHISTLES!

At my hubbies great request started to read a Robert Ludlum lets see how far I get?

I Failed Sorry no Ludlum!!!

But I am reading a fairly informative book 'How Did It Really Happen' by Readers Digest- a collection of amazing facts about various mysteries and histories e.g. Aliens, JFK Killing, did Robin Hood exist?, Who wrote Shakespeare's plays? etc Great Book to read in bits and pieces when ever you have time! And great book to buy as well! THREE LOUD WHISTLES!

Just read Robin Cook Mindbend- Amazing story of how the Pharma Companies try to dominate and sell their products by brainwashing doctors! Truly bent cooked and bent my mind! Help my husbands a Doc!!!

Reading P.G. Wodehouse, Thank You Jeeves-enjoying

My husbands still reading his Ludlum books!!! True Fan!

Just finished reading The Oath of Vayuputras-Book 3 of The Shiva Triology by Amish - This is a great book,similar to Dan Brown. Those interested in the unwritten/known links between India and the rest of the world- a must read! THREE LOUD WHISTLES !

Husbands started on a book of Linear Equations! Advanced Algebra! - Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!

Read The Secret of The Nagas by Amish Tripathi- nice story, much simpler plot than book 3 of the Shiva- Triology. Has some deep philosophy on good and evil. Very good in bits and peices. Loved the story of Kali and Sati the most. TWO LOUD WHISTLES!

Aithihyamaala-The Great Legends of Kerela vol.1 -original version compilation by Kottatathil Sankunni, Translation by Sreekumari Ramachandran- Great book to know about the myths and stories of Kerala. It is where legends and history meet. A wonderful read to know about the culture of Kerala. A must read for all especially the people from North of India to glimpse into the culture. THUMBS UP this!

Re-read Shobhaa De's Starry Nights! Had a different impression of it at my older age. You understand some things better with a mature perspective. I can see so many Bollywood movie plots since she wrote that book. TWO WHISTLES STILL.

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