Coffee Talk..Sip Sip Hmmm

Kim K Comming to India Kim K not comming to India. To b or Not to  b That is the question! But now Obama B Comming to India-great! So some thing to look forward to for Republic Day in India great! Any other random celeb ? Hmm Sip Sip Coffee Hmmm...Hmmm Lotsa snow everywhere is America-climate change? Hmmmm Sip Sip

Hello my friends my readers..this  page is dedicated to some RANDOM THOUGHTS which come to our mind when me and my husband have our coffee.....sip sip...Hmmm....
>7/23/2014- The world is divided: in one area we have war, in the other area we have floods, and then Commonwealth games!  News couldn't be more exciting!.... Sip Sip Hmmm..

>Packed and frozen food in India? Hey this is the land where 'freshness' of food is supposed to be a mothers pride.... so what are we going to have? Problems of Obesity and heart attacks on an increase... when will we learn from others and when will 'superior' races stop dumping on us?....hmmmm Sip Sip hmmm...

> So the Economies are collapsing all around the world then what next? Barter system again? One currency all over? Hmmm Sip Sip......

>So, the world environment day has come and gone, with just a blip in the media? So what are we doing about it? Nothing. Do countries really want to solve this problem? If you have poor ,hungry and destitute- how important is the focus on environment?  How about us- better of people: Waste less, flush less, plant more, walk more? ......Hmmm Sip Sip Hmmm......

> Why is it that whenever elections arise in the world their is a lot of crime/ war? ...hmmm sip sip

> So a few more blasts in India inspite of having information? Why dont the local people get warned in time? No use protecting the already protected  VIP's and govt buildings no? ...... HMM Sip Sip Hmm

> Some more blasts!!! Boston,India, what next blasts on the moon? Hey and what happened to the 'God' particle? HmmmSip Sip

QUESTION- is the area with extreme climate like Siachen worth the trouble when people die automatically due to the weather?
FACT-Siachen is a silent killer of men, without war.
Sip Sip Hmmm brrrrrr

> So water problems in my home town Pune? How come they are filling tons of water in water supply trucks and selling them to problem areas? HMMM SIP SIP SIP oops no water!

> Right great another year gone another threat of war and WMD/chemical/biological weapons...the dollar rates, have adjusted again, things are getting costly, what next a big terrorist attack? SIP SIP Booom Booom

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