Saturday, May 21, 2011

Four Summer Bombs!

Hello my friends, my readers! The Summer times are full on! And all of us are baking in the heat! So much so that even the creative spirit has been lost! Yet there are brave people in this world who are playing football and cricket!! And others are busy bombing NATO tankers and Embassies! Where do they get the energy? Well, I myself have been very wary of opening my lap top to do any kind of internet work! I fear the battery will become so hot that it will burst! I freaked out when my husband told me that he might be coming back! Help! I thought, that would mean real time cooking in the heat and not just Maggi, bread and butter, fruits, etc. So today since the Gods above have been so kind to give us pleasant weather I thought I might do my blogging.

In all this summer the poetry has been in bits and spurts. My friend a poetry writer herself, asked me to write some Haiku. I told her that it is not me! Somehow I cannot restrict myself to3 lines and 3,5,3 syllables! Though I find Haiku poetry really beautiful, but like SRK said in KKHH, its 'not my type'! But what I did manage were four short poems, all written quickly due to being moved with emotion. Was it the summer time blues?

The Hurt, The Soul, The Death, and The Walk are my four summer poetry bombs for you !The first poem was written in sadness of thinking of the past, the second I wrote when I heard that one of the wives of an army officers had lost her husband very suddenly. Yes, we army wives have a sisterhood-if one is saddened all of us are as well. The third is for the person who gave me a bowl of Dhokla's (savory cakes) when I had eaten only bread and butter that night. The simpleness and love in the eyes on giving was just amazing! The fourth was written in mere thinking about the past, present and future and uncertainty. They are all different poem but with a single thread.

So take your cup of cold, cold coffee and ice cream and quickly read the poems below before it get too hot!

The Hurt
The setting Sun sulks,
The Nightingale wails,
And so do the lonely souls,
Is it too late to heal?

The Soul
Go! Simple soul, seek!
Travel over hot ashes and fearful forests,
To the cool oasis of peace.

The  Death
Frenzy and fiery, focused eyes,
The  dry green grass turns wet crimson ,
And thus,
In that instant a heart breaks,
In that moment a star  born.

The Walk
In solitude sitting still,
In the shade of the past, then
Tripping over the future,
Treading on the present,
I walk into the sun, and
Wide eyed face,
The unavoidable destiny.

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  1. What is it about your words that I find so addicting?

  2. hey ash thnx for such contribution for her.....
    u write so emo its touchy, hope u r well.
    i know climate is not good, packing and what not but u hv to keep the calm.

  3. Thanks Audrey and Purvi, am glad you like my words! Glad to know you are still reading Audrey. Purvi- she deserves it!


  4. hey.. hi.. nice post! really good.. loved it :)

  5. awesome job.

    the endings are powerful.

  6. Quite impressive job.
    Check out our potetry potluck week 38 today,
    With Kavita/Olivia starring the show.
    First time participannts feel free to share 1 to 3 old poems or random poems in case you don’t have anything fitting our theme (inspired by a song).
    Come on it nOW.
    We love your talent!

  7. Thank you all from Jingle Poetry! I shall surely share my poems worth your site! Thank you for the support!