Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream On

Hello, my readers, my friends! More than a week has passed since my last post, and what is new in this world?Hmmmm.... NOTHING! We had our very own 'Mothers Day', there was nothing on the idiot box on that , I suppose Oba MA and Osa MA, was the closest we got to even knowing that it was Mothers Day! What happened to 'Mere pas MA hai'? ( 'I have my Mom', A famous dialogue in an Indian movie- for those who dont know!). I am sure some of our neighbours will be having bad dreams about a 'Amercian Drone Attack'! The media is just 'droning' upon that topic?. Lets forget about that now.

You know, I really dream of the day when there will be no news on TV, I dream of the day when there will be no boundaries in this world, no hate , and only truths shall prevail and the 'meek' shall finally inheriting the earth!When will that happen? Is that a very Utopian dream? I don't know? But yes, I do dream, and I dream a lot! What do they say of dreams? There are your repressed thoughts and desires, or that it is the way in which the mind weeds out the emotions and brings out the logic, when the eyes are closed. I suppose so.
My husband the Doctor would say,' You ate too much, so the gas was disturbing your sleep', Yes, he is my husband and a doctor ,so I get these 'brutally honest' answers! Which I don't like, so I stick to the reasons I like. 

So today, I am posting a very straight forward poem, I write of some intuitive, and recurring dreams that I had got. Again, they DO reflect my repressed thoughts and fears and they did bring out the logic in my thoughts. The first dream in the first verse I got after I got married, and it resembled the place I am staying in now, the second dream was just two days before I got engaged, I saw seven boys that I had met on a stairway, and my husband was the only one who waved to me. The last part is a recurring dream, I get of being followed, maybe due to a childhood spent in a neighbouring country and being continously watched by their intelligence ( Dont ask me 'Why' or' How?', I will have to kill you if I have to tell you!)

For an indepth analysis of dreams look at the following links : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream -this will give you a general view on the various theories, http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/ - this link is simpler to understand see the section on types of dreams, and http://library.thinkquest.org/C005545/english/dream/freud.htm- this site has got good sections on Symbolism and Interpretation- I strongly recommend!

So grab a very hot and strong black coffee and read, and tell me what you think of my dreams and where they fit in the theories!

I Dream

I dream of yellow berries and tall trees,
Tall mountains and deep seas,
People come and some go ,
Some strangers and some I know?

Two stairways going up and down,
I on top and he on down,
I look below and he looks up,
We wave to each other and the dream is up!

Between trees and green vines,
Tall houses on railway lines,
Shadows creep and crouch behind!
I turn around and its wake up time!

Such dreams I get,they come and go,
Some make sense and some I don’t know?
To some strange lands and some strange times,
When my heart breaks or pleasant times,
I dream on.

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  1. i like it how you first put in views before letting out poetry.. the dream u see is dreamt by everyone... wish it comes true someday..
    beautiful lines..

  2. What a dream...
    such ecstacy it did seem.
    Poetry left me dreamy
    the coffee untouched, creamy
    your poetry is nice
    thats my voice.

  3. As you say, the repressed thoughts are reflected in your dreams mostly.Intuitive dreams may come true some times in the future or guide you about the happenings in your life.

  4. Thank you Deepika!I will dream on !


  5. Hey Sushma, giving me competition in poems? Great am glad you are writing some poetry! Good luck!


  6. Thank you Sarita, you must be right about that, its logical.