Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Naturally Wired

Hello my readers, my friends!  A new city, a new month and a new thought! Am in the new place and getting visits by the stray cows, monkeys and dogs who probably think my garden is a ‘drive in restaurant’! Well, I don’t bother them too much, I let them chomp on for some time and then drive the visiting creatures away.  Now that we humans have occupied their areas, we have to live with each other in peace. And, I finally watched the movie ‘Avatar’, yes, I waited for it to come on TV! I know, I know, a bit late, but nevertheless I  loved it, a tad slow but it had a good message of what might happen if we don’t live in tandem with nature.
This reminded me of a poem I wrote in frustration. It was a wonderful sunny winter day, when I decided to fine tune a poem on poverty. What kept on bugging me were two helicopters which kept on circling above my head! (My husband was posted in the ‘field area’ of the army-hence the helicopters) There was some VIP visit due, so they were practicing! But in that process they were not only annoying me but also, sleeping babies, and birds which flew in all directions confused! Then, later, I saw cows being stoned and driven away back to their barns as their ‘grazing time’ had ended for the day! I was amazed at how much pressure we give these animals, I never knew that the poor cows had to also follow army timings!!  Then, there came a time when we ladies would freak out when we heard a bell in the middle of the night, only to find out that this ‘wandering bell’ was a large black buffalo who had not returned, and would graze through the night!
So, the poem below was written while working on another one. It speculates on how life would be in the future, I have written it in short sentences, as if a computerized voice is saying the lines.  So have a cup of cold coffee and enjoy! Do let me know what you think!
Naturally Wired
Two helicopters circling above my head,
Oh! I remember, all the birds are dead!
A motor car running on the side,
Oh I remember……all the buffalos have pulled so hard they died!
Acid drops keep falling on my head!
Everywhere pollution has spread!
I am so alone yet I talk all the time?
Oh, I remember……… on my phone and online!
Acidity is burning my insides!
Oh! I remember………………. All vegetation is finished or dried!
Can’t feel any pain or cry?
Oh! I remember………….an artificial heart pumps inside!

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  1. ohhh. this imagination is cool...

  2. Hey Sush, a bit late from my side but thanks!

  3. Happy Halloween!

    stopping by to say hello, welcome joining our poetry picnic week 11 today, any poems are welcome.

    we love your presence, keep it up.