Friday, May 30, 2014

The Voice of Trees

Dear friends and readers, its that time of the year again, when we remember the environment on June 5. The poem is in two voices one of how trees are a part of our lives and the other voice in the poem is the voice of trees, who speak to us. It is in our own hands that the future lies and it is with our own hands that we cut the trees. When will it stop? How much of technology and demands should we have? These are some issues we adults should really think about if we want to handover this world to our children. Do we really need that touch screen bendable mobile phone? Must we always buy a branded plastic bag to show off to our friends?

I think it is time to go back to our traditions which encourage recycling, and grandmas home recipes for cosmetics. Hopefully we can achieve a correct balance of technology and environment friendly products and habits.

Here I go have my filter coffee... oops should I ? I just opened it from a tetra pack and used a a filter paper. Hmmmm?

The Voice of Trees

Oh look, here is our old childhood tree!
And that’s not all, it is made of wood!
The pencil in childhood,
The bed in adulthood,
The stick in our old age,
Slippers of the sage,
In each book and hymn page!

We burn! We burn!
We cut, and we burn!
For all the millions to earn!
When will we ever learn?
We are burning our fingers,
We are axing our two feet,
If we burn all the forests down?
How will homes be made and what will we eat?
The Trees don’t speak, but they feel,
Yes, even through their hard teak!
And if they had a voice they would say…….

The Voice of Trees…….
Imagine a world with no trees, just imagine it?
No table to write or discover lands overseas?
No warmth in the cold, no animals in the woods?
No one to give you shade in places where we once stood,
No romance behind us lovely green trees?
No humming of the birds or buzzing of the bees?
No ! You can’t do without us trees!
So please, please, please, don’t cut my roots and my long vines!
Take care of our Earth as our future is entwined!
So please, don’t cut us lovely trees , please!

And such will be their plight as they fall,
We only take but they always give to all,
No wonder! No wonder why,
God has made them stand upright and above us all!

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