Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hello my readers, my friends, it will be one year in February that I would complete with this blog. It all has been very exciting this journey with my writing and the medium. I am so happy that I have got a space of my own to talk to all my friends and followers. Though a ‘dumbo’ when it comes to internet technology , I think am doing okay. Slow and steady, and I am happy with what I have achieved with all the travelling and family commitments.
In the same context I would like to THANK ALL MY FRIENDS AND READERS ! Thank You for all the support and comments, I always hope and pray not to disappoint any one of you and give you some good reading material. I hope I have been successful. A very Happy New Year to you all! Hope you achieve all that you have planned and break any fancy diet that you would like to start! Hey, life is too short ! Eat healthy, drink in moderation and enjoy!
So here is a poem for all my friends and readers,and all those whom I have left behind on moving town, as well as for the memories and time spent with all. So brew yourself some sweet sweet coffee and enjoy the short poem! Happy New Year to all!


Good Times,
Good Memories,
Good Friends,
Are here today and gone tomorrow,
They come like a gust of wind,
And remain in our hearts,
Like a mark of an arrow,

Sweet Talk,
Sweet Thoughts,
Sweet Exchanges,
Remain sweet and sacred forever,
And memories make them sweeter,
They sustain us in our sorrows,
When we lose faith,
Feel lonely,
And dread the day after tomorrow,
Good Times,
Good Memories,
Good Friends,
Will be there for you,
Always and Tomorrow!


  1. your poems have been always so uniquely sweet,
    always today and tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Sush! Thanks for all your kind words.