Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting High on the Mountains !

Hello my friends my readers! Am back from my travels! First I was setting up my house in order, then I was going up the mountains and playing golf! In between I changed states, followed elections, two people I knew passed away and one friend FINALLY got married, I attended a few ‘lah di dah’ parties, my kid passed his class to the next class- lower kindergarten. And of course, in between there was the mandatory bomb blast in India, and then one abroad,….. an earthquake, a fire, a celebrity death- Whitney Houston! Hmmmm……..Drugs=Death=Waste of life - Waste of talent.
So, this new year started with a lot of activity and change in general, they are saying it’s a year of a lot of spending and a lot of doom! Hey, that’s the fun of life isn’t it? You haven’t lived if you haven’t lived, I say! And yes, in all this I squeezed in some time to write some fresh poems! So here’s one coming hot from the oven! It’s about the mountains- cool, clean and magnificent. Spring was in the air  with all the colorful blooms on the trees, so I thought why not a fresh poem for all my friends?  The poem was written while looking at the Himalayan peaks of Trishul and Nandadevi- yes, the one some say is the highest point now.
The poem is not written in a very philosophical tone or in awe, but in a manner very straightforward. I wish to convey the effect of the twists and turns on the mountain road and my destiny which keeps bringing me back to these majestic creations of God ! Enjoy! Gotta go………… my coffee’s getting cold!

The Mountains
Over twisting roads and hairpin bends, will these mountains ever leave me?
Over valleys, waterfalls, lakes and trees, will these mountains ever leave me?
Over bushes and thorny trees, crossing people, cars and birds, will these mountains ever leave me?
Over high roads, white shining peaks , people drinking hot tea and quaint houses, and hardy people with dry wood on their backs, will these mountains ever leave me?
A gush of wind, swaying trees, clapping leaves, as if to bring the sea so high to me, will these mountains ever leave me?
Mellow sunlight, blue skies, sudden rain and sudden frost, will these mountains ever leave me?
Again and again, I traverse through their ways, again and again, all over their sudden twists, dead ends and deep drops,
Again and again, through their villages, narrow lanes and by lanes, again and again, in the distance they wane, and gain and wane and gain, will these mountains ever leave me?
I go to the seven shores, the plains and visit the seven seas, again and again and again, to the ways, I already have known I climb again,
Will these mountains ever leave me?


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