Monday, April 16, 2012

May Gods

Hello my friends, my readers! Spring had come and delighted us, and now the hot hot months are soon to arrive. The poetry website http://gooseberrygoespoetic.blogspot/ got me searching on the various poems written on spring. I went through all the great poets of mainly the Romantic era, and found to my dismay not one poem which would capture spring in all its glory! I was surprised! Most poets have written in Spring but their best poems have been about autumn! If you look at some of Van Gogh’s paintings they too don’t capture the exact colors of spring, but his harvest paintings and those in autumn are some of the finest!  Check out great painters:

Maybe I lack the literary knowledge. But maybe it is also because Spring itself is so pristine and beautiful that it is difficult to capture it in words or colors or song? It is too perfect a God’s creation for us humans to replicate, I guess. Whenever I see the new flowers, the leaves and the blooms, I wonder, would Heaven be like this? In India for most people Spring comes with its traditional days celebrated with Holi, Gudi Padwa, Baisakhi etc, and then we enter the hot and scorching months of May. Mid May onwards is the worst, in which we all feel, literally sapped off, of our energies, and we all pray for the dark clouds to come with a bit of rain as relief and later the early Monsoon showers.

So, today I post my poem on Spring & Summer and the wish for the start of the Monsoon. I have written it in a theatrical way describing the heat and then the rain, there is also a lot of personification. Also, the last line from the first stanza, has, I think come from the subconscious level after reading some poem of Shakespeare long time ago, if you happen to know the poem do let me know. Enjoy my poem and I will go and roast some coffee beans!

May Gods….. Help Us!

The Sun gold,
Shines so bright,
On the first day of May,
The flowers bloom their colors, scents and lights,
and the birds sing twitters gay,
Welcoming the Summer Gods and Springs,
And the darling buds of May!

The days go on, on and on, hot and warm,
Our spirits are going dry,
We pray to the mighty, clear blue Sky,
And hope Thunder God flies by,

Wind comes and blows her breath, sultry hot and then cold,
Bringing along her swarthy cloud friends all dancing in a tow,
The Clouds meet, the Thunder God comes,
and pours down,
from the heavens bowl,

Once the heavenly spirit falls down earth,
Nature starts to sway,
The Sun, the Wind, hear the music
and applaud the glorious play,
Soon God comes out through his colored arch,
and blesses the beautiful day,

This is just a glimpse of Heaven my children,
If you want to enter the Arch one day,
The Devil will close his door shut even,
If you don’t pray to me each day!
Enjoy this lovely day like heaven,
And the sunny month of May!’



  1. Loved the feel of spring in each word... keep it up

  2. This was lovely and I felt that if I closed my eyes, I'd be able to hear the wind gently blowing through the branches and hear the lawnmowers down the street going full blast trying to best the grass springing up from the earth. I could hear children laughing with pleasure at being able to play outside once more. Wonderfully vivid! Be blessed.

  3. Thank you for visiting and your kind words- Dawn and Elizena.

  4. All my friends and readers Thank you for visiting. Sorry if I am not able to give my best regards to some of you quickly- am having some trouble with my net connection.So kindly bear with me!