Friday, October 19, 2012

I am You

Hello my friends my readers! A long refreshing break and I am back! It’s  three months well spent in complete internet detox! To those who are still reading- here goes… it’s pretty long one this post! Well, last I disconnected from the blog the next day I heard of the God Particle being discovered! …….Ok, so life went on and the problems still remain!! So discovering the ‘Goddamn Particle ‘ didn’t help much... huh ..did it? I suppose it just proves that whatever that already exists is always present and we need to discover it- dis cover/uncover. So I tried to 'discover' myself in these three four odd months. Well a writer ( At least I think  I am - ahem!) is as good as what he reads so I read some amazing books which I will discuss On My Coffee Table page above. Read Dan Brown I wonder what he has to say of the ancient, still half deciphered symbols/script of the Indus Valley Civilization?  
Reading cleared a lot of cluttering of creative thought in the mind, it just opened the Doors of Perception—ring a bell anyone? The electric poet? Jim Morrison- Doors! So, yes, I reheard Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin et al(Have kids today even heard of them, I wonder..?) And NO! I Did not see a Red Indian in my dreams like Morrison!  Then, my fingers became restless and I painted a portrait of Diana of the Hunt. Why? I don’t know, maybe I just felt like killing a whole lot of people???? Well, yes I am no great artist but I am going through a phase of reading and painting mythical people, before, it was an overflow of poetry!!!
So, self discovery has taken a time of three months which is like I suppose equivalent to three years on the internet! Hey, the world is still the nasty place it was with some instances of goodness still making it worth while to live- that's the power of goodness! So the poem I wrote is on a philosophical level. Very internal in nature speculating on oneness of people/ humanity and the search of goodness-me being disturbed by all the revolutions, gun killings and lies around the world. I have tried to bring a meditative level, it is written as if a hidden voice or the soul or scripture talking in the mind- I know, I Know tooo much nah, but hey if you have read so far might as well go on and read my poem!

So, thank you for scrolling down- hope you enjoy the random thoughts in this poem of mine!.... Coffee anyone?

I Am You

I am you and you are me,

I am in all and all are in me,

Like a lotus flower blooming in the mud,

And the sunlight hitting the morning due,

Search and find me in that instance,

That sudden flash of light,

I shall reveal to you,


I  will slink into your soul,

And breathe my Spirit in your air,

The soul ever restless and searching for the light,

I was, I am and shall always will be, unseen to the foolish ones sight,

Before ,now and then after for eternity,

Your sons, daughters, fathers, brothers and all other ‘You’s’ will be same to me ,

I have seen and will see,

In the ether I will be,

Formless, colourless, and indistructable,

Atoms, dimensions, or strings? Call me what you want,

See me the way you want;

Seek me in the Sun,

Seek me in the Moon,

Seek me in the Star,

Seek me in the Cross,

But try to seek and see me,

As I am and as I shall be,

Always present,

Always free,

Always in your image.



  1. wow.. internet detox! now that's a tough one :) You seem to have enjoyed it. Would be nice to catch up over coffee if you're from/ in Pune.


  2. Sure coffee is always great! Will be comming soon to Pune. Will keep u posted. Happy Holidays!