Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother Dove

Hello my friends my readers! Here is a poem very close to my heart I wrote for all the mothers in the world. It is through our children that we realize what it is to be a ‘Mother’. A wonderful yet thankless life long job!

It is only when we are away from them do we realize their worth,it is when we feel helpless that we remember them, …..when in trouble, when we are sad,successful, or happy we remember our mothers!

Any loving mother will say ‘I don’t need a mothers day, just clean up your room do your home work OR just take good care of your kids and spouse, and it will be a celebration for me!’

But I say why not? They deserve it! So , HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the Moms in the world! Hey, you make the world go round!

The poem is called ‘Mother Dove’. It is based on the concept of a mother her sacrifices and her wondering if her children we will see her through till the end.

So enjoy a cup of coffee and also the poem!

Mother Dove

Flap, flutter, and flight,

There they go!

Their first flight in the sky,

Independent and alone,

Soaring above,my dear white doves,

So high, they have flown?

Off they went!

Their wings a flutter,

Cutting soft marks on my face as if they utter,

‘Here I go, you have held me with you for so long,

here I go far and long’

Leaving soft white feathers, as if to say,

‘That’s all you will get of me now ,to hold on, so long’,

While many nights before,

They had been pink squirmy bundles of life,

Squeaking away, looking up hungrily,

to me for food, shelter and hope,

I gave all three and more,

Sheltered them in my nest, fed them everyday,

Kept the shrill evil circling swoopers,

The slimy sliders, the wicked walkers,

The predators away,

with sharp eyes and beak,

through night and day,

Told them of the worms,the birds,the bees,seeds and the trees,

Encouraged their every flight and fall,

So that one day they would fly to cover,

Mountains,seas,and towers,

Look! See! How far they have gone!

They now soar in the wide blue,

And I wonder if they shall see me through,

My final flight,

My final fall.

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  1. Tell me tell me oh god, "why did you give me such an absentminded creature for a mother?"

    A smile comes to my chicks when I see her and she thinks,"my child has brought a smile for me from the heavens"
    A cry rushes my little chest when I don't see her and she thinks,"oh I have spoiled him with my hell"


  2. I loved the is something that always intrigues me. For all our so-called wisdom we just can not contemplate the feeling that a mother feels when her child seeks detachment for the better...atleast until you become parent yourself I guess :)

    best wishes.

  3. Rohan , I am glad you liked the poem. Lovely words you have written! Thank you ever so much!