Monday, June 10, 2013

Questions to Myself

My dear friends, my readers, I recently stumbled upon an internet article on a certain philosophy, which deeply touched me. Now what was that religious belief, I shall not disclose as it will create a prejudice. It basically talked of how each human being in this life has been your father or mother from the beginning of time and how we should embrace other fellow beings as one would embrace our father and mother.
To accept, forgive and love, to feel the others sorrows and joy.

This got me thinking how many times I would have offended people unwittingly? How awful it is if someone is upset and angry with me without my knowledge and having a grudge in the heart which I would never have an opportunity to remove?

It got me obsessed with all I that I had done and spoken to others, and I was determined that if I could find out, I would rectify, make an apology or explain matters.

How much does it take to be selfless and giving? Not much. BUT a very difficult task to follow the philosophy above, but I shall try.
Today I post a poem which written as a set of quick questions I thought to myself.
So here I go and have my coffee, in the lovely cool monsoon time in my home town on annual leave.

Todays Questions
Did I do all things right today?
Perhaps I did, perhaps I did not?
Did I leave anything unturned?
Did I have  wicked thoughts?
Did I do good to others , or have others been good to me?
Did I undo all good I did with my blunt words, and did I act irresponsibly?
Did I do things keeping others in mind and did I forget ‘I’ consciously?
In forgetting yourself it helps others? Then I will try to do it selflessly.
Did I think all things right today…………………perhaps  I did ,…………………perhaps not?



  1. Did I do all things right today? Perhaps I did, perhaps I did not? Did I leave anything unturned?These are nice question for our-self. This is so impressive.

    Kopi Luwak

  2. Thank you Kopi Luwak for visiting. And thank you again for your kind words.

    Best Wishes