Thursday, October 2, 2014

What Do the Stars Say?

Hello my friends, my readers! My country India has put an Orbiter to Mars called the Mangalyaan- YAY! We have reached so far using technology, yet we all are still following the stars from earth and celebrating our festivals, fasting, shopping, praying. Where does science and cultural beliefs, start and end? OR do they merge more and more now? In India, before we get married to anyone,we are cautious about the presence of the planet Mars in the birth chart-well what happens now?  Well here is in your face all Mars Haters! Countries are spending millions to get there so ‘show some respect Mon’ like they say in the West Indies! How much do we believe the horoscopes in this internet age, or do we carve our own destiny? I think, we all, may not be able to stop the turning of Mars or Saturn but we sure can make, create and change our destiny to an extent, thanks to the million miles between the planets and us ,our creator is giving us a chance! So Good Luck to you all! And like they say in Star Wars ‘May the Force be With You’.!
Here is a poem and keep stirring that Coffee!

What do the Stars Say?

To believe or not believe
that is the question.
The moment we come to life,that moment destiny turns,
The planets millions of miles away,
Follow us in their gaze,
Should we believe what they tell us,
or should we find our own ways?

Do the stars guide our life?
Do they define our deeds done
Or should we follow our ,hearts mind or soul,
Or the many planet positions?

The predictors tell you, the past present and future,
But ‘Free Will’,will get in the way,
We get in out lives what we Will,
And the planets keep turning away.

In them does the future lies?
Should we heed what the predictor advise,
or our own?

On our own,
We have to plant the seed sown,
Cut the weeds which have grown,
Pour water and trim hedges,
And make the garden beautiful,

The sun will shine as it should,
Bees will buzz and birds tweet,
Then rain,clouds,snow or sleet,
Go on in their lives,
Each moment unique,
Each moment alive,
Each moment unique,
Each moment our own,
Our own to seek. This has a great video of water on Mars-do see.

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