Saturday, August 27, 2016

Want Not Worry Not

Hello friends and readers, here is a rebound moment for your Jedi. A small thought to ponder on.Has it ever happened to you when you are in the pits of your emotions and then just start feeling happy and enthusiastic? What is it, what happened? Was it a change in the mind or was it return to sanity? And that is what it all is about.

I came to understand that happiness lies in the heart. And once the heart is happy health will follow. The harder you fall the higher you rebound and meet success and peace.

We all get stretched to the limit like an elastic band and some of us do snap. But if you do feel that you are being stretched to your limits and cannot do it anymore, always remember that you are not alone. Search and you shall find in each heart lies sorrow because we want too much.

How about for a change, letting go certain wants and getting out of comfort zones? Do try and you will meet new experiences which will make you grow. Let It Go. Let it Go. Let it Go...
Want Not Worry Not!
Think Not and Wish Not
And you shall clearly see
That it is the empty shell in which you hear the Sea!
And things are not as hard as you feel,
So let happiness flow........

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