Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Happy Life Song

Hi friends! We all want to be happy and healthy  in order that we are able to withstand the adversities in life. And thus so, lets’ laugh a little. When I was growing up I watched a movie called Mary Poppins in which a gentlemen loves to laugh,starts floating in air and makes every other person who visit him also laugh and float, and  feeling sad he comes down to earth. ‘I love to laugh ha ha ha’ goes  the song. Its just great to be a little silly in life. Laugh at really impossible situations & problems you will see the brighter side. Of course it doesn’t mean that if someone falls down or gets killed in a terrorist attack you laugh like a maniac! But smile at difficulties, and maybe a solution will come to you. Laughing by itself crates the necessary hormones equal to an intensive work out and instantly makes you feel invigorated. Not only do you feel elated but you spread happiness all around. So if the heart is happy then so shall the rest of the body be, all beating fast like the drums in a metal band. Why is it that when we hear a fast beat our mood lifts? And thus so you shall too be able to lift yourself to the beat of your heart and sing a song of happiness to everyone.

Sing a song of happiness,

Sing a song of love,

Sing when you cry or feel sad,

And at times when everything is getting on your nerves,

Sing when you feel the joy,

Sing as life goes by,

Sing cause you want to be merry,

Sing and things will not be too scary,

Sing and you shall have no worry,

Sing and you will see life clearly,

Sing a happy life song.

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