Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Butterfly Party

She flutters in, like the breeze in the night air,
Flutters about here and there,
All dressed in colored clothes,
And gold clips in her hair,
Blows air kisses to others,
And causes some stares.

A look at some,
To some, words sweet,
‘My God! She has become thin’
she thinks, as she kisses the cheeks.

From person to person,
From chair to chair,
She goes here, she goes there,
Sips in her wine,
and talks shop with great flare.

To the ladies she tries,
To flaunt her new gold chain,
And smiles mischievously,
at those men who are vain.

Artificial laugh,
Artificial chatter,
To those she doesn’t like,
and those who matter.

She smiles plenty with her enemies,
and even holds their hands,
To her true friends , just a formal glance,
And those who don’t shine,
Don’t even stand a chance.

Money talks and so does wine,
Make the right moves and shine,
Such is the rule of the Game today,
You want to play it?
Then start fluttering away!


  1. Once more, a great piece of work. Well Done

  2. Butterfly theme well expressed ash:-) cool.
    No new poems reecntly? You are busy in the new blog perhaps?
    Btb, I even dint find you in mylist of followers!!
    Waiting for more readings on ur page.