Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Be Like the Wind

Be like the Wind

Be like the Wind,
Blow hot ,cold ,strong ,silent,
Be like the wind ,warm lands, and golden sands,
Move desert mountains ,weather monuments grand.

Be like the wind,
Unseen but heard,
Speak through leaves and curtain rings,
Wind chimes, windows slamming shut and playground swings.

Be like the wind , soft, then hard, fast and furious,
Cut through sky high mountains,
Cover lands, oceans and clouds above.

Be like the wind,
Gutsy, strong, change course, yet be steadfast,
Vanquish those who step in your steady path.

Be like the wind,
Be cool , bring rain and make farms bountiful,
Scatter flowers and seeds, and sweep dead leaves sacks full.

Be like the wind,
Make the silver moon dance in dark blue ponds,
Spread perfumes, and make us hear distant songs.

Be like the wind,
Reach earth, heaven and universe,
Caress equal all mankind

Be like the wind.


  1. Hi ashwini, finally managed to connect!! :-)

    great attempt..do keep writing..

    happy to see you honing a creative talent..
    keep it up and all the best!
    vy aunty

  2. Good work and a lot of thought. You were born to lead from the front. Wish you all the best and keep em comin.
    Keith Phillips

  3. A wonderfully vivid write. I love all the scenes you bring to life with your descriptive words. Very nice!

    My entry: http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/blood-on-the-moon-2/

  4. A superb write and brilliant keep writing

  5. Thank you all for visiting and your encouraging comments- you all write so well too!