Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Technology Revulsion

Technology Revulsion

Click , click , double click,
Night and day we click,
Don’t catch our forty winks,
The body-clock doesn’t stop and ticks!

Click, click, click double click,
Our mobiles are so slick,
Catch the late night multiplex flick,
Check out the new MMS chick!

Click, click, click double click,
The world sleeps and we start our shifts,
We learn languages and accents in three months quick.
Click, click, click double click,
Our brains are well known our biotech a hit!
The MNC’s pay rich, pack and leave so quick!

Click ,click, click double click,
We have targets and data base aims,
Search for clients till we go insane,
Take pills to stop our pain,
Meet Gurus of name and fame!

Click, click, click double click,
Download love and virtual friends,
Gods as screen savers,
Forward social messages on email send.

Click,click, double click,
They sell us our own beauty sticks,
All cosmetic claim magic tricks!

Click,click, double click,
Our brains have been drained,
Science, medicine and technology we have claim,
But now we feel brain strained,
And we still wonder why we fall sick?

Click, click, double click,
Virtual reality is reality,
We are going to the moon and far away galaxies!

Click, click, double click,
Technology has no boundaries still,
Lest we forget all our natural skills,
There are still lands in our own world to till,
Water in all pipes to fill,
No power in bulbs still!
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  1. I clicked, double clicked and I say you are just amazing.

  2. i will always love the way you put your thoughts on paper. Well Done