Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bottle of Life

Life, Love and Friendship,
The three ingredients to survive,
Mix to make a golden potion,
or a bottleful of bittersweet wine.

Life, too short to live,
Love, very hard to find,
Friendship, difficult to keep,
Drink all to live this life.

One ingredient too much,
One ingredient too slight,
Drink to be merry,
or drown in sorrows of life.

The great brewer sitting above,
brews everyone a potion just right,
“Drink but don’t loose your senses,
drink till the lees, this life.
And when your bottle gets empty
and you see the bright white light,
come taste my pure nectar of Heaven,
Please bring your empty bottle of life”.


  1. m coming over to ur place for dinner n drink ... :-P

  2. drinking this life drink gives extra kick to life

  3. Just a penny for your thoughts.
    Faith, Love, Hope - these three, but the Greatest of these is LOVE.
    Lovely poem

  4. Yes PEARL, so drink to the lees!!
    Thank you for all you lovely comments Keith!

  5. this is funny and lovely.

    Thanks for sharing.