Friday, April 1, 2011

The April Fool

Dear reader and my friends, today was April Fools Day! So , a little late, but I have written a poem in its dedication,it was written very fast, about ten minutes, at four in the afternoon, while I waited for my car  to go and attend a meeting with the soldiers wives. So have fun, today is not the day for serious poems! Check out the link'_Day, it has some really interesting information on its history ,origins, and some real shocking news on that day and some real famous pranks. Just make yourself a cold creamy coffee and enjoy!

Today is April Fools Day!
Beware of what people say!
Today is April Fools Day!

Today is April Fools Day!
Tell you husband you have concieved another one,
Phone your boss that you have died,
But just make sure, at the end of the day,
They know you have lied!
Today its April Fools Day!

Today is April Fools Day!
Tell your friend that you are getting married and leaving town,
The the mother in law, your marriage is breaking down,
Then tell her its April Fools Day!

Today is April Fools Day!
Tell your child you have lost his sweets,
Or tell him you had found him on the streets,

Today is April Fools Day!
Post on your blog when you have nothing to say!!!
As today is April Fools Day!!!!!

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  1. Keith Bernard PhillipsApril 8, 2011 at 8:32 AM

    I have never read a poem written for April Fool's Day. Yoyurs is the first and the BEST. I wish many read it. It is very appropriate.
    This year I was saved from being an April Fool.
    Great Work, kepp writing