Friday, April 8, 2011

Books of Revelations

Hello dear friends and readers! It is the season of holidays and festivals, some of us in India celebrated the Gudi Padva, and some are going to celebrate Good Friday and then Easter, I am sure the Jewish Passover was also celebrated, recently. What does it mean? All these beliefs are celebrating Spring ! That is, newness, rebirth, planting of crops, etc. This got me thinking that we all believe in the same things, and that all the sacred  books/ text  impart the values of goodness to all and love for nature, and yet we still have problems, with one another?

The three main books; the Gita ( as a base only, Hindus have many books), the Bible, and the Koran, all ask you to respect all people, animals and things. We read of these concepts in the story books and fairy tales we listen to as children, most of the morals come from such stories, which are reflected on a higher and deeper level in the sacred texts.Thus,all these books/texts reveal the ideal values, yet as adults we are failing to understand the real truths,. The truths are lost in our own interpretations. And like all books/text we try and judge which is the best one? I have read all three and each one has something unique to tell us. So read them all and see how hard it is to judge the 'best one'!

The original Book of Revelation is a book which talks about the future, anyone interested can have a look at this link :, you can also look at the origins and a  list of  western fairy tales at :, and if you really, really ,are intersted in looking further you can also read some Indian fairy tales at . The Indian stories are more complex, than the Western stories.
 So grab a cup of Hot Masala Coffee (see the receipe here  and read my poem below, and also don't forget to read the next adventure of The Fable of the Fantastic Cow on my blog of Short Stories on the right of this page!

Enjoy and let me of the poem and also how your coffee turned out!

Books of Revelations

I opened a new book,which was very old
It revealed to me all theories,new, old and bold,
Turned pages and pages of thoughts a new,
Opened windows in my mind,
Like cold wind the ideas in flew!

A mind enlightened is a very unique feeling,
Like jumping from mountains and holistic healing,
You  start to understand all life’s meanings!

All books have philosophies for one and all
Even for those who are very small,
How Humpty Dumpty will always fall,
How poor Cinderella felt at the rich mans ball,
How Snowwhite ate the forbidden fruit,or was it sin?
How a beautiful girl or love can turn a frog into a Prince?
And the lessons we learn from Rumpelstiltskin?

How not to eat others porridge,
To make a house not of hay or wood, but of stone
And to be aware of wolves when we are alone?

Some books we read and ,
The real meaning we don’t understand,
The spiritual reality is lost,
Like sands through our hands!

We read many stories from books when old and young,
But in time we forget their sweet truths and life’s fun,
And instead fight over which is the better one!


  1. Keith Bernard PhillipsApril 8, 2011 at 8:29 AM

    Let me add my notes to your already fascinating idea. The Book of Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus Christ to All the World.
    Worthy of reading for All.
    Thank you

  2. Thank you keith, am glad you like my poems. I hope people will read the links to understand what other texts also say. I believe in no boudaries between people or religons. You comment very well, I think you should also start writing!

  3. True Ash. Knowing by reading and following it are different things. but yes the revelation theory goes straight to heart. I read it twice.
    Join in my wagon of followers on sushmaspage. You are one great encouraging being to me.

  4. wow ash, how nice u hv written it.
    beautiful revelation of life's theory.
    read it again and again and its new every time.
    gr8 u only inspired me stay that way.
    keep writing and sharing.