Monday, April 18, 2011

The Man of the House

And so I stay in this golden cage,
Glittering and shinning to be watched and appreciated,
What am I?
I am the one who nurtures,
I am the one with nature,

Who am I?
I am the one who has been the cause of wars,
I am the one, who remains still,
Unheard, unknown and unspoken.

Where am I?
I am the one in the house,
I work on the fields,
I work in this world.

What do I do?
I do for others with me,
For my neighbors,
For people below me.

What is my nature?
I think from my heart than my mind,
I empathize, I comfort,
I use my natural composition for my gain,
I cry in pain,
I can fight and burn my enemies to the ground!
God has made me different from the other kind,
Thank you God!
And let that be,
I want to be me!

I have friends,
But I trust myself the most,
I can sacrifice, tolerate,
Bear the loss of a dear one,
I can calculate, and I can compromise,
I can get work done!

Who am I?
I am the man of the house,
But, I am not,

I am the Woman.

Hello readers my friends! It has been a long time since I have been active on this virtual space, and so I thought I should make it worth your wait! This time I have started the poem first, for you to make your own conclusions of what I am talking about and shock you in the end. I hope I managed to do that to you, all my lady readers!
A little late, but this is my tribute to womens day! I thought about these words, when my husband cribbed about how women officers use their leave to avoid hard assignments in army areas. I could not help but smile at these ladies! Why shouldnt we? But, like our reporter in India Barkha Dutt says: If you want to be like the men than you have to play like the men! And how true it is.

I am a true believer that women can do most things men can do, but I also feel God above has made us different for a reason. We maintain the balance together, mind and heart, strong and weak, intuition and logic, ying and yang, positive and negetive.

There are many who believe that women are very closely connected to nature, due to our reproductive systems and our cycles. There are also some tribes and communities in this world who have switched roles in the community, i.e. women hunt, men stay at home, the physical attributes may change but the difference remains!

And so what happens, to all those mothers and ladies who have done so much and yet remain unknown and unspoken, and unheard? So, this poem is in tribute to all these women, who have bared all and dared all!

Anyone interested in the feminist movement can see, it is interesting, you can also search there for Mary Wollstonecraft the mother of Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein, and Simone de Beauvoir, as well as our very own Sarojini Naidu, Pandita Ramabai and Savitribai Phule, and also read Rasundari Devi quote at
, and if I have missed out on any other great lady, I am sorry, please write to me, if so.

By the way, do you know that the promoters of womens reform in India have been men?

And all the men who will read this post, let me say that we  women all love you, but like we say in India:
 " We are like this only"!

So now,I think you should grab a cup of  cold coffe and enjoy the next adventure of Monalisa in the Fable of the Fantastic Cow, in my blog of short stories above on the right.

Do write to me about any women you admire!


  1. Women are the most vulnerable and worth admiring crearutures who are many a times are taken for granted.Sometimes under estimated. I am not for "behind every successful man there is a woman" though, but do like the book"why man cant listen and women cant read maps"!!
    Ash- this is master piece writing in your recent ones as per me. I loved this.

  2. Yes.You are a woman with so much of love and courage.
    You are a woman with power, energy,strength and skill.
    You are simply great.

  3. Thank you PEARL, Sush and Sarita, am glad you liked it as a women, am sure all of you are just like the poem!


  4. The ending is really good and yes...although we can guess being the woman kind...rather identify I would say...the twist in the end is well written