Sunday, April 24, 2011

This One Poem for the Men

Hello, my readers, my friends! A lot of people liked the poem on women in my last post. But, then my husbands reaction was : Very nice, that was like Catwomen meets Mother Teresa ( no offence)! How do you know how you ladies are at times and how we have supported you?'

I started thinking and I found that he was right to an extent,its all very nice to pan them and a lot of fun too! But, yes, they are important in our lives! Has anyone written a poem for them? I dont know, if you do know some poet, do let me know! So, I wrote, yes I wrote a poem for our men our husbands, or our boyfriends! I wrote and I wrote, just like the verbal diorreha that we women sometimes have!!! So read my poem below, its again a fun poem! Do let me know what you think, and all the women readers if you can pen a few lines on you own Man do write them in the Comments area, and men who will read this poem let us know your thoughts too!
For an article on the differences between men and women see this link and for some really good quotes see:
( they are fun - Like)

So grab a hot nescafe  and read....

Life Without Men
Oh! How life would be bland,
If there was no one to hold us with strong hands?
To pull out chairs,
To give us those stares!

Oh ! how it would be bleak,
If there was no one to listen to us, passively,
as we continuously speak?
Then to calmly tell us their philosophies grand,
Which we will immediately pound  to sand!

Oh! How nights would be boring,
With no loud obnoxious snoring,
Or watching T.V. shows, which we find violent and annoying?

How life would be hard,
If they never gave us, their cars, and also their many credit cards?
Who would be there?
When we bawl over memories of our teddy bear,
Or tolerate our tantrums when we have ‘nothing to wear’?

How life is in a fast pace,
When they keep things in the wrong place,
We redo it again, and again, and again!
Yes, we are like Venus, we turn the opposite way!
And you will never figure us out till the last day!

No chocolate, No flower, no balloons,
Or a special secret night ride!
Who held our hand as we cried as a new bride?

No one to eat what is not tasting right?
Or make up with us after a silly fight?
How they never remember our first date?
Or how we waited,  till they came home late?
Yet, they still wonder waiting in cars, ‘what is it that they do in the beauty parlour for such long hours?’
And they want us to look always like pretty flowers!

Who will pick up our heavy shopping bags ?
Walk like a zombie in the shopping malls?
Or  fall asleep watching ‘Titanic’ in the movie hall?
To stop smoking and start again!
To drink and say ‘last drink dear’ and start again!

No one to keep us on our feet,
To be romantic when we expect it the least,
And I don’t mean just between the sheets!
To encourage us when we are down,
Or to make us smile when we start to frown
Yes , men its true,
We may be really strong women and do just fine without you,
How life would be empty, without our best friends- You!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Fable of the Fantastic Cow- Now as a Picture Story!

Hello my friends my readers ! My Blog of Short Story has now got pictures/cartoons which I have drawn, since it is my light hearted blog- go have a look and have a laugh at the cartoons. I hope I will be able to make better drawings though! There was once only one Monalisa- the famous painting, now see mine- Monalisa the Cow in cartoon form! Enjoy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Man of the House

And so I stay in this golden cage,
Glittering and shinning to be watched and appreciated,
What am I?
I am the one who nurtures,
I am the one with nature,

Who am I?
I am the one who has been the cause of wars,
I am the one, who remains still,
Unheard, unknown and unspoken.

Where am I?
I am the one in the house,
I work on the fields,
I work in this world.

What do I do?
I do for others with me,
For my neighbors,
For people below me.

What is my nature?
I think from my heart than my mind,
I empathize, I comfort,
I use my natural composition for my gain,
I cry in pain,
I can fight and burn my enemies to the ground!
God has made me different from the other kind,
Thank you God!
And let that be,
I want to be me!

I have friends,
But I trust myself the most,
I can sacrifice, tolerate,
Bear the loss of a dear one,
I can calculate, and I can compromise,
I can get work done!

Who am I?
I am the man of the house,
But, I am not,

I am the Woman.

Hello readers my friends! It has been a long time since I have been active on this virtual space, and so I thought I should make it worth your wait! This time I have started the poem first, for you to make your own conclusions of what I am talking about and shock you in the end. I hope I managed to do that to you, all my lady readers!
A little late, but this is my tribute to womens day! I thought about these words, when my husband cribbed about how women officers use their leave to avoid hard assignments in army areas. I could not help but smile at these ladies! Why shouldnt we? But, like our reporter in India Barkha Dutt says: If you want to be like the men than you have to play like the men! And how true it is.

I am a true believer that women can do most things men can do, but I also feel God above has made us different for a reason. We maintain the balance together, mind and heart, strong and weak, intuition and logic, ying and yang, positive and negetive.

There are many who believe that women are very closely connected to nature, due to our reproductive systems and our cycles. There are also some tribes and communities in this world who have switched roles in the community, i.e. women hunt, men stay at home, the physical attributes may change but the difference remains!

And so what happens, to all those mothers and ladies who have done so much and yet remain unknown and unspoken, and unheard? So, this poem is in tribute to all these women, who have bared all and dared all!

Anyone interested in the feminist movement can see, it is interesting, you can also search there for Mary Wollstonecraft the mother of Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein, and Simone de Beauvoir, as well as our very own Sarojini Naidu, Pandita Ramabai and Savitribai Phule, and also read Rasundari Devi quote at
, and if I have missed out on any other great lady, I am sorry, please write to me, if so.

By the way, do you know that the promoters of womens reform in India have been men?

And all the men who will read this post, let me say that we  women all love you, but like we say in India:
 " We are like this only"!

So now,I think you should grab a cup of  cold coffe and enjoy the next adventure of Monalisa in the Fable of the Fantastic Cow, in my blog of short stories above on the right.

Do write to me about any women you admire!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Books of Revelations

Hello dear friends and readers! It is the season of holidays and festivals, some of us in India celebrated the Gudi Padva, and some are going to celebrate Good Friday and then Easter, I am sure the Jewish Passover was also celebrated, recently. What does it mean? All these beliefs are celebrating Spring ! That is, newness, rebirth, planting of crops, etc. This got me thinking that we all believe in the same things, and that all the sacred  books/ text  impart the values of goodness to all and love for nature, and yet we still have problems, with one another?

The three main books; the Gita ( as a base only, Hindus have many books), the Bible, and the Koran, all ask you to respect all people, animals and things. We read of these concepts in the story books and fairy tales we listen to as children, most of the morals come from such stories, which are reflected on a higher and deeper level in the sacred texts.Thus,all these books/texts reveal the ideal values, yet as adults we are failing to understand the real truths,. The truths are lost in our own interpretations. And like all books/text we try and judge which is the best one? I have read all three and each one has something unique to tell us. So read them all and see how hard it is to judge the 'best one'!

The original Book of Revelation is a book which talks about the future, anyone interested can have a look at this link :, you can also look at the origins and a  list of  western fairy tales at :, and if you really, really ,are intersted in looking further you can also read some Indian fairy tales at . The Indian stories are more complex, than the Western stories.
 So grab a cup of Hot Masala Coffee (see the receipe here  and read my poem below, and also don't forget to read the next adventure of The Fable of the Fantastic Cow on my blog of Short Stories on the right of this page!

Enjoy and let me of the poem and also how your coffee turned out!

Books of Revelations

I opened a new book,which was very old
It revealed to me all theories,new, old and bold,
Turned pages and pages of thoughts a new,
Opened windows in my mind,
Like cold wind the ideas in flew!

A mind enlightened is a very unique feeling,
Like jumping from mountains and holistic healing,
You  start to understand all life’s meanings!

All books have philosophies for one and all
Even for those who are very small,
How Humpty Dumpty will always fall,
How poor Cinderella felt at the rich mans ball,
How Snowwhite ate the forbidden fruit,or was it sin?
How a beautiful girl or love can turn a frog into a Prince?
And the lessons we learn from Rumpelstiltskin?

How not to eat others porridge,
To make a house not of hay or wood, but of stone
And to be aware of wolves when we are alone?

Some books we read and ,
The real meaning we don’t understand,
The spiritual reality is lost,
Like sands through our hands!

We read many stories from books when old and young,
But in time we forget their sweet truths and life’s fun,
And instead fight over which is the better one!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The April Fool

Dear reader and my friends, today was April Fools Day! So , a little late, but I have written a poem in its dedication,it was written very fast, about ten minutes, at four in the afternoon, while I waited for my car  to go and attend a meeting with the soldiers wives. So have fun, today is not the day for serious poems! Check out the link'_Day, it has some really interesting information on its history ,origins, and some real shocking news on that day and some real famous pranks. Just make yourself a cold creamy coffee and enjoy!

Today is April Fools Day!
Beware of what people say!
Today is April Fools Day!

Today is April Fools Day!
Tell you husband you have concieved another one,
Phone your boss that you have died,
But just make sure, at the end of the day,
They know you have lied!
Today its April Fools Day!

Today is April Fools Day!
Tell your friend that you are getting married and leaving town,
The the mother in law, your marriage is breaking down,
Then tell her its April Fools Day!

Today is April Fools Day!
Tell your child you have lost his sweets,
Or tell him you had found him on the streets,

Today is April Fools Day!
Post on your blog when you have nothing to say!!!
As today is April Fools Day!!!!!

You can also read the Fable of the Fantastic Cow and her next adventure, on my other blog : http//