Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just One

Today I am posting a poem, which is based upon a concept I learnt while I was studying, in Austria. Our teachers talked about how one satisfied customer will speak of his positive experience to three other persons and those three persons will tell three more persons and so on. This concept was also dealt in a movie about spreading of goodness. In the same way the movie Seven Degrees of Seperation, by Woody Allen, talks about how we all are connected to each other by seven people, in this world.
This got me thinking on how true is that thought! In one sense yes, we are connected to each other, and through our lives we meet many. Why don't we make use of this to do good? I think God asks to search for him in all the people we meet, and I am sure if you will look around you will find you are connected in some in way to your next door neighbour whom you never spoke to!
I also wrote this poem thinking of how people never say good things about anyone anymore, or do anything for anyone with a clean heart. It is always nowadays: I will do this so the other person will do that for me! So people do try and do one good deed and see the effect!

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Just One

What we need is one good thought,
One good deed, one good sought!

In this crazy life of guile and techno talk,
Some kind words, some kind talk!

Caught in this tangled web of plots and deceit,
Will make us go mad with stress and mental fatigue!

The tight web artificially spun by us alone,
Will tie a noose around our own.

What we need, is a spirit very free,
To dissolve this tangled web,
and set us free!

One kind thought,
One good deed,
Hopefully, will not reach just one,
But a juggernaut of one, two ,three and so on,and on and on,
Just one good thought,
Will travel far and long!


  1. One kind thought leads one to become a kind hearted and finally a good human being.

  2. How true!!! "Just one good thought,Will travel far and long!"
    Lovely thoughts expressed very sincerely. One will forget drinking coffee while reading these poems.
    A COMPLAINT: Why did you hide your talent all these years?
    Keep it up.

  3. gr8 poems ashwini...gr8 job- will read the rest of them too. id seen ur msg on shobha de's page and picked ur blog.
    we could share our thoughts too!!
    catch me on

  4. Keith Bernard PhillipsApril 8, 2011 at 8:26 AM

    I heard so much of Austria from you. You are a true person of strong character.
    The greatness is less expressed but the humble soul cries out for more.
    I can't believe that you express so much in few words.
    Thank you