Monday, March 14, 2011

The Ides of March is Here ! The Spirit of Caesar Speaks !

Hi all ! The Ides of March is today! So, I have penned a few lines on what I think would be what Caesar would have asked Brutus. This idea of the great Shakespear is like a metaphor of how we get decieved because of our own arrogance or stupidity, in believing people. They say Caesar died because of his own arrogance, and similarly a lot of great leaders have died because of their devil may care attitude of their own security , a very good example in India would be , Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

But I have restricted my writing on how it hurts when a trusted friend decieves you. It has happened to me, many times. I believe in friendship without any attachments, a true friendship, call me a fool but thats the way I am. So, I guess I get hurt more often! Anyways, I have learnt my lessons ! So after you read the poem, see if you can pen a few lovely lines on the comments area on this topic, this week! Good luck and happy reading!

And please, I am not competing with Shakespear, I hope he will feel happy in his grave, if his spirit ever reads the poem !! How wonderful it would have been to have Wordsworth, Shakespear, and Keats writing blogs!!! .........Read on!

The Spirit of Caesar Speaks
You too Brutus ? Then fall Caesar!

As I fall down on the pulpit,
My spirit comes out and stands,
To ask you some questions,
So answer, I need to understand!
Look Brutus, look! I lay there dead and cold,
The stabs are running and bleeding,
Just as the Soothsayer had foretold!
But you? My friend! My enemy?
On what grounds do you stand?
You listened to my flatterers evil stories!
Now my blood is on your hands!
For the good of Rome you thought?
Rome was not built in a day!
And even if I had not been Caesar,
It would still remain, after our days!
Did  you think about our friendship,
when we rode and conquered lands?
I had planned a glorious future,
But, now my blood dries upon Roman sand!

So all Ye who loved a friend!
And gave him your heart and soul,
Beware of your best friend and not you enemy,
As with a friends stab, you die a thousand fold!


  1. Very nice poem.I am sure even Shakespeare would smile.A shakespeare is born every 500 years it is again the time.
    kul bhushan .

  2. Keith Bernard PhillipsApril 8, 2011 at 8:19 AM

    Is this the dagger that I see before me. the handle stretched towards my hand, come, let me clutch thee.

    You amaze me with words. Congratulations