Saturday, March 26, 2011

Maid in France

Hi my readers my friends! I have been travelling for a week and I am back refreshed! My family drove all the way around the hilly mountains of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from the beauty, I found that there exists still a hand to mouth existance in the poorer people. I actually saw, women and men carrying a least two meter by two meter dry branches and tree shavings on their backs, climbing very steep mountains! All this effort for firewood! So inspite of having a hydro electric dam in the state near by, there are still people using dry wood for household fires ! So I guess progress and poverty co exist in all of India and the problems of subsistance remain the same all over the country!
I was so happy to come back and spring is in the air, and most importantly my maid arrived to help me with the cleaning!! Hurrah! So today you will read a poem dedicated to all the maids who come on time and don't take a leave! Its spring time so its a fun poem, in the poem I have attempted to show the contrast of two stratas! Its again a long poem so, grab a strong Mocha!
Enjoy! Why dont you write some fun things about your maid in the comments section?

Maid in France

It happened all very suddenly,
It happened quite by chance,
Our maid had won the lottery,
And off she went to France!

She got on to the clean airplane,
And her heart skipped a beat
on the start,
But then the hostess smiled so sweet,
and walked down with her cart.

'The sweet lady does the job like mine', she thought,
'Wears good clothes,helps,and serves food on a tray,
Next time I serve tea to Madam', she thought,
'I shall serve it in the same way!'

Paris, then came in view, all grand,
And she looked down the plane like all,
She tried to spot in the morning haze,
The Tower they said was tall.

Her cab sped away very fast,
The huge airport at the back,
She saw the wide road winding away,
And now knew what her country lacked!

The city was bustling with activity,
The streets and building were beautiful like a dream,
She saw the bridges over the lovely Sienne,
And tried some crepes and cream!

'The Louvre is so big and plentiful
I wonder who keeps it clean?'
She went to all the great designer shops
And saw things so exquisite, then she had ever seen!

She thought that the Arch was very royal and grand,
And walked with the people on Champs Elysee,
And saw all the fancy shops on the way,
There were people here and there, there were people from everywhere!

She smelled the whiffs of perfumes,
And walked through the fragrant shops,
She made it a point to go around and visit all the hot night spots!
She suddenly remembered to go back home,
and water her Madams pots!

Her gaze followed the tower everywhere,
She went right to the top,
She remembered, as she saw down the twinkling lights, back home
 ‘How lights go off a lot?’

That night she slept on a bed so soft,
And saw her family in her dreams,
She took the next flight back home,
With many stories of all she had seen!


  1. It is very playful. Reminds me of a bedtime story I have read before.It is very thought provoking as well. Did you write this?? Because it is really good.

  2. Thank you Pijush, I am glad you liked it! I also liked your blog, and will definitely visit it again!

    Audrey, yes it is playful supposed to be like a childish poem, and YES I HAVE written it!! You can come and see my diary!!:))

  3. Keith Bernard PhillipsApril 8, 2011 at 8:12 AM

    A Blessing so True