Saturday, March 19, 2011

Natures Wave

Today, I thought I will post a poem I wrote some years ago, when a tidal wave struck the southern coast  of India and caused a lot of pain and suffering to everyone. I thought I would post this poem as the earthquake in New Zealand and the tidal wave in Japan, have awakened my fears, if our creator/nature is trying to give us a message. Just today in the early morning in Northern India we had a huge hail storm for almost an hour and it is still dark and raining, as I write. This kind of weather was never heard of at this point of time when we in India celebrate Holi, and welcome the spring and summer.My maid told me how she is worried about her wheat crop going bad, and I was worried and sulking about my sunflowers and roses which were completely destroyed today! The people of Japan now suffer from cold weather and the danger of death by radiation, and I have also heard that the earth axis and its turning has changed due to the tidal wave. And that is not all , more tidal waves and changes in the seasons are expected to occur in the future.

Sorry to talk about things as if dooms day has come! But, all images are scary , so lets enjoy each day and meet and make as many people happy as we can from now on, I know I will!

In the poem below I have taken two lines from Coleridge's, 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner', kindly see wikipedia for the poem details Its a long poem which I have ryhmed in some places and in some places it is free, so grab a cup of strong coffee and enjoy!
To see a report on the destruction caused by the Tidal wave in India see

Natures Wave

Water water everywhere,
And not a drop to drink,
Water water everywhere,
And Oh! Our lives did sink!

All were enjoying the festive season,
All across the land,
Then came that mighty wave,
and stuck us in the sand!

Oh God! What did we do to deserve,
such a  slap so hard?
Where is my house ?
Where is my tree ?
Where are the books and toys ?
Where is my spouse?
Where is my hearth?
Where is my life?
And my children who played in the yard?

Away!Away! All washed away!
We all are dazed,
The day passes to the next day,
Land and sea still rumble now and then,
We are now all cramped,
Like pigs in a pen,
Waiting for help and hope,
Help trickles in ,
Too late, too little,
And then too much!

Help in India always comes late,
They wait, watch and wait!
Till the disaster comes,
They watch the disaster,
Till their hands become numb!
No, no, no Tsunami or enemy will never ever come!
And the enemy through history has always come!
Nature cannot be stopped!

But let us pause and think,
What has been so good about all this?
There have been acts of kindness, bravery and compassion,
The world has come together to help and aide,
the affected nations!

Do we need a disaster ,
To come and help each other out?
Do we need tall towers to fall?
And the ground to shakes us all about?
To help each other and come together
only when we fear, we will be wiped out?

Tears will be shed in the east and west,
Maybe it’s a test?
A call from nature,
To make us wake up,
Or ,maybe it is to tells us that
Man can try very hard,
To control nature,
To pollute natures air,
To pollute natures land,
To use and pierce through the earth and cut green,
For our own comfort,
and give nothing back?

We build satellites and communications in air,
But we forget to talk nicely to others,
We build bridges and building on land,
But we cannot find the right way, and develop a good society,
We pack and purify water,oil, diamonds and gold
 But we don’t try and purify our souls.

Yes,we have come together,
in time of crisis,
But let us come together,
at other times too!
God helps those people,
who help themselves and others two!

Man cannot conquer nature!
And that’s true,
They say that time and tide wait for none,
And nature, never does too!

Water ,water, everywhere,
And not a drop to drink,
Water ,water, gone away,
Let us stop and think?
Why is it that all man come together?
Only when we all fear we sink?


  1. this could not come in a better time ash.
    I enjoyed reading this. gr8 job.
    catch my new post-am sure ul like it.

  2. What a wait. Just the time of my life. Thank you

  3. I think its time to wake up and face the reality!THIS SHOULD BE EYE OPENER.