Friday, March 11, 2011

Seven Years of Saturn

Hello everyone! Today I am posting a poem which goes on to a very random thought. I wrote the poem after a family member went through a near fatal car crash. It is about what some of us in India believe, in the Seven Years of Saturn. We believe in the Shani God or the Saturn God, who enters all astrological signs and stays for seven and a half years, divided into sections of  2 1/2 yrs + 2 1/2 yrs +2 1/2yrs. This God gives the results of your previous and present deeds and hence one has to be very careful during this phase. You are punished and also rewarded at the end of the seven and a half years, till he moves to the next sign and so on, and comes back again into your sign. For more details you can do a net search. The car crash, some told me had happened as the family member was on his last phase of his Seven years or 'Sadesati'. And I myself got married at the start of my Seven years of Saturn and I am still in it. I never believed this at first but, yes, I have been troubled in this phase and went through some emotional hell, with the baby inside. The poem has no philosophical meanings, it is in tribute to Saturn and a thank you, for all the good things which have also happened. As for believing in this astrological concept, I don't know?
You tell me!

Seven Years of Saturn

Here he comes his rings in sight!
He vanquishes all without a fight!
Till now all your stars shone bright!
You’ll reach the stars,or burn in plight,
Saturn is on his turn!

Here comes Saturn and be aware!
Even the Gods he did not spare!
Do all your actions with great care!
We mortals will always have fright!

Two half years,too good,
Two half years just two bad,
The remaining two left to add,
May give you fruits, well and good,
In these seven years run.

Do all right!
Do no wrong!
Saturn decides where your fruits belong,
So do good my dear friend!

Hurdles come and so do gains,
Falls you’ll make,
Endure deep pains,
Be careful, and you’ll be through!

Test of time,
Promotions on line,
A marriage divine,
Could come in seven years hence!

And so in the seventh year,Saturn departs,
And will leave you good things to start,
A home or a car to claim,
Your struggles will seed good times and fame,
You’ve stood the test of time!

Saturn tests you till you burn
Makes your juices chaff and churn
A chapter in life you have learnt,
Do good, as Saturn returns again!


  1. Hi Ashwini,
    Everyone has to go through this 'pheraa' of Saturn.Actually speaking he is a great teacher who teaches us how to survive in any difficult situation.After 30 yrs.he comes to meet the same sign and till then the person belonging to that sign will be wise enough to take care of his thoughts and behaviour.

  2. Thanks Sarita for your comment. I do agree with you!

  3. Not my cup of tea, but appreciate the thought over coffee

  4. Yes,all of us go through this SADESATI sometime or the other in life. But the other side of it,apart from bad effects, is that it makes you strong to face any challenge in life. That is LORDS way of teaching you to face problems bravely. I know this because I have experienced it twice. I agree with Sarita's comments.